Thursday, September 06, 2012


I'm sure there must be someone out there who isn't enjoying this glorious Sydney weather at the moment.  I'm yet to come across them though.  27 degrees, t-shirt weather arriving straight on the heels of freezing winds and icy mornings.  Everyone seems to be walking with a spring in their step, smiles on their faces and a general joie de vivre. 
We've planted sunflower seeds, that have obligingly risen quickly, although this little one was the last of his flock to peep out from the seed.  I loved how the seed stayed on top like a little sunhat.  Ted is most excited about planting them into the garden bed, which we might get a chance to do this weekend.  
Ted has been dairy free for about a week and a half now, and his eyes look brighter, he seems to have greater core strength and is generally more stable in his moods.  He voluntarily announced that "I'm off dairy because it makes me feel a little crazy" - despite me never having mentioned anything along those lines when he's been around.  His gut is demonstrating its appreciation for this change in ways probably not best mentioned online right now.  

I was away for two nights last weekend and James had his first experience of solo parenting two children for 24hrs.  He survived.  Not only that, but Ted survived as well.  It was only the second time he'd been put to sleep by someone other than me (the other person was the indefatigable Lisa, when James and I went to Tetsuya's last year) and he apparently dropped off quite quickly.  He seriously does just give his all during the day, meaning that when night rolls around, he's ready to crash and actively asks to be put to bed.  

Which left me free to sit in a car and chat to Lou for a good six hours (and I'm pretty sure we still pulled up outside my place in the middle of a conversation we're yet to finish).  I also managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the Bathurst op shops to score some gorgeous doilies for $1 each (the work on these is incredible, seriously, $1 each is just criminal), as well as photograph a delicious little babe that slipped right out in the bathroom while the car was still running outside waiting for her.  Perfect!
In violin-related news, we have still been in a bit of a slump, but pursuing with it, as you do.  The other day I received these little packs of paper that have cute games you cut and paste together in order to make the practise more fun.  I put together this little monkey one and another one with a rocket shooting to the moon.  Ted loved them.  He practised his fingers at two different times today and walked them up a few times at each turn.  he also just free played with the violin and made up his own song and generally enjoyed himself.  So fantastic!  I'm hoping this, combined with the mood changes from the chiro and diet will really spur him on to remember just how much he loves playing.  We were at his lesson last week and Tori decided to show him the start of Lightly Row. She asked him if he knew how it went and Ted piped up with "Yes, it starts with open E".  I asked him how he knew that, to which he looked at me as if I had just grown an extra head and said "It's on the cd, Mama".  Well dur, sorry.

And gosh I love this photo of Ted from this afternoon, but damn it if I picked up the camera too quickly and missed focus.  SO annoyed, because it would surely be destined for the wall if not.

I have so many photos and adventures to write about and have just really not got the time right now to indulge my blog love.  I'm hoping to have a little blog writing session of note soon, after I've completed a couple of little jobs.

And now, to bed. Without socks on.  Ah, spring.

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Lou said...

Now Cass with all your waxing lyrical about Spring you have gone and scared it away today! Dang, how cold was the wind today?!

Teds eyes really do look brighter. I'm so pleased the dairy free life is working for him.