Sunday, August 12, 2012


So I have a few things to blog about, but just thought I'd pop in with a gem from today. 

Harriet was looking in the mirror and said to me "Wow, look at these bags under my eyes.  {brief pause} Hey Mama, did you hear about the boy who had bags under his eyes?".

Me - No, what about him?
Harriet - He died from the weight {cue laugh track}
Me - Did you read that in your joke book?
Harriet - No, I just made it up
Me - Really?  You just made that up then?
Harriet (looking decidedly uncomfortable) - Yes.  SO WHAT?
Me - Nothing, it's just that it's a really cool joke.  I thought it might have been one you'd already read.  I'm going to go and tell Papa, because that was really funny!
Harriet - NO, DON'T SAY THAT!  IT WASN'T!  {screaming and crying}

So it turns out that being impressed by your own child can send them into hysterical meltdowns.  Hmmm, think it had anything to do with those bags under her eyes?

And check out the photo from today.  As James said - replace the hot chocolate with a beer glass and she looks as though she's at a music festival at the age of 18.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cass,
I can soooooo understand that whole scenario. Every time Alanna does or says something that I want to 'report' to Pete, she cringes and gets all defensive. I quite like it: it shows a degree of humility and self awareness that has kind of disappeared from the world. I like that they don't want to be thought of as 'special' or news-worthy. We all want our children to be extraordinary, but sometimes its lovely for them to be grounded. by the way, I have consumed the best part of a bottle of wine so if this is incoherent I apologise.