Friday, August 24, 2012

Grout and Life

So I have heaps to write about, but as is always the case, when one is busy and life is full and your emotional status is a little lower on the barometer than 'perky', I hope you can forgive me for being lax on the blogging.  A lot of my exhaustion and weariness comes from this little person right here.  Yep, the one drinking milk in his size 2 pyjamas (you may notice they're just a tad too small).

Ted has been very, VERY intense this past week.  So much so that today I took him for an assessment at the chiropractor in Newtown, in the hope of addressing some of his defiance issues of late.  But as with all children, when he is frustrating he is beyond frustrating, but when he is adorable, he is beyond adorable.  Nothing is done by halves over here.  Nope, not at all.

And that includes grout.  I'm going to let you all in on a secret.  I had never heard of or even seen such an item as a grout brush before a week ago. I had Ted hold the brush just in case you, too, had missed this particular gem of domestic assistance.  Please note the face covered in dirt and the lazy, tired eye behind the brush.  At least this is one child who actively asks to go to bed.

Anyway, the grout brush stood out on the shelf at the supermarket the other day when I was scanning the shelves with an eagle eye to try and seek out the squeegee I had promised Ted.  I could not see one anywhere, when my glance fell upon the tiny tag announcing "Grout Brush $4.99".  A whuh?  Well it turns out that in my many years of avoiding those toxic chemical bathroom cleaners (really?  in the bathroom where you're NAKED you want to spray that crap? thanks), there was this easy option lying in wait all along.

With just a couple of scrubs, this little brush turns those little black lines to a lovely shade of off-white.  It seriously takes no more than a flick of the wrist.  And given the combination of interest in and availability of time to clean grout, I have to tell you our bathroom hasn't been cleaner in years.  It's actually fun!  The children love doing it as well, so our shower recess is crystal clean (well, given the aforementioned discussion on when the last clean may have occurred, I do confess to a degree of relativism here).

Ted also managed to create a sword (for medieval hijinks) and a bat (for basketball hitting) out of this grout brush.  So please take your pick of its listed functionality.

This is the child who manages to find every conceivable use for this tomato frame.  Here it is a spider web that he is trapped within.  It has also been space, a basketball hoop and hair.  If I could have a glimpse inside this child's mind for just half a day...

But yeah.  Grout brushes.  Go them.


jay said...

grout brushes, what a great idea, who would have thunk it. will keep my eyes open in this fair town for such an object. did you see nimrod in newtown, at newtown community chiropractic, he is really awesome. did they pick up on anything? just remember as hard as it is, this strength of character in an adult, if used for good not evil is awesome. xx

casso said...

Yes, with Nimrod. He picked up HEAPS. Reflexes that should have been gone at 4mths, inability to perform basic tasks, muscle exhaustive list. I'm hoping it's going to help - Nimrod obviously seemed to think he could help out a lot. Fingers crossed.

Mr Shell said...

I want a grout brush RIGHT NOW! I feel powerful with vinegar and bi-carb.....imagine what might go down in the bathroom if I had one of those little guys!!
Love the chiro - we have one here on the island who has done wonders for all 4 of us.