Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Tonight I'm feeling a bit blah.  Not good, not bad, just not inspired.  I have a night at home alone and I can barely muster the interest or enthusiasm to do much else other than stare at the wall.  Hmmm...maybe it's the winter chill factor?  Maybe it's the getting up early for my run making me tired?  Maybe it's me just having a brain freeze?

At any rate, I have loads of ideas and absolutely no motivation to put any of them into action.  Talk about lazy!  I'm going to give myself this week off, and maybe next week I'll post my idea on how to recycle children's underwear (seriously, I have been holding on to underwear for a while now, thinking there *must* be a way to re-use it and then I worked it out - yay me!).  I'm halfway through that little project, so when it's done (again - not happening tonight!) I'll post photos.

We've had a great weekend of medieval goodness and the igniting of some Middle Ages passion, but when I have the interest it deserves, I'll write a proper post on it.  Promise.

But check out those two bowing superdudes.  Ted loved playing with Oscar today, as we all did.  And now - on to the lounge.  I think I'll sit and stare at a movie tonight, it's about all my brain is good for.


jay said...

hey lovely, hope you can find a way to revel in your blah ness, looking forward to that recycling underwear post. enjoy your movie. xx

Mr Shell said...

I suffer regular bouts of blah! It's normal. Can't wait to see what you've done with old undies! I too have been contemplating how to up cycle them. Soulemama has a pattern for a 'tree with leaves' applique in her Creative Family book -I thought underwear fabric might do for that. Amanda used bits of fabric from her kids baby clothes. I don't want to cut up the (very few) sentimental outfits I've kept from those days.I don't feel quite so gushy about my kids knick-knocks (that's what we call undies in our crazy house).