Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ted Gets Dressed

 Ted has really flourished in the fashion stakes lately.  As you saw with the violin concert, he has embraced the dress as a fashion accessory with gusto.  He has a particular favourite (the purple dress in the first photo from the last blog entry), but was particularly thrilled when Harriet found an old, embroidered top she had never worn in the wardrobe and gave it to him to be HIS dress.  He was so excited to have one of his own (*ahem* I did stay up one night the other week to make two last minute skirts for him to wear to a gold themed day at preschool, but hey, they weren't dresses per se I guess...) that the waiting for this dress/top to go through the washing cycle is a hard emotional waiting game.  

But below, I bring you Ted's latest wardrobe dalliances.  Most days he will pick out one or two aspects of his outfit for the day; other days he'll choose the whole thing or nothing at all.

 This is Ted in Harry Potter mode.  Wearing the glasses, and, difficult to see from this photo, for some reason he insists on having a piece of twine wrapped loosely around his neck.  He told me they are his 'robes' and I think he has misinterpreted it to be 'ropes'...or at least that might be the case.  As is always evident, nothing is obvious in the world of Ted.  He's holding one of the spires from his latest game, Castle Logix which is fantastic, he loves it.

This is a little later in the same day.  Another version of the Harry Potter experience (he obviously knows about HP from Harriet, but knows little more than Voldemort is scary and he can yell out "Expelliarmus", "Wingardium Leviosa", "Petrificus Totalus" and "Abracadabra" in equal turn to strike fear in to the heart of...well, usually me).

Yep, still the same day.  This is Ted wearing his painting smock (which I just love and acquired from a Bathurst op shop) and a liberal smattering of purple paint, which was carefully applied with a large paintbrush.

First thing the following morning.  He found the cricket bag almost as soon as he rolled out of bed and spent the first half of the day dressed as if he was going to step up to the pitch at any moment.  Of course drumming and cricket gear go well together as anyone can see.

It's winter.  This is just weird.  But Harriet has been reading to him quite a lot of late and it's just soooo cute.

This is the famous dress/top Harriet has given Ted.  Teamed here with his baby leggings under Harriet's old grey shorts, some lime green socks and a long sleeve shirt of my choosing.  Perfect attire for some outdoor playing.

Here we were playing Blinde Kuh.  Totally bizarre, this game has you donning a paper mask in the shape of a cow wearing sunglasses, in order to feel the shapes and guess what they are of.  Harriet and Ted were left fumbling with the cassette both before and after the mask was on.  That's Harriet's size 8 t-shirt he's wearing, as well as some red socks and a pair of children's sized high heels I found in the op shop years ago.  It definitely helps me know where he is in the house at any given point.

Ted in his ballerina outfit - leggings, his own dress, colourful t-shirt (from Shorties, which I won in a recent competition due to mentioning Harriet's quote from here) and Saltwater sandals. I was instructed to sit on teh lounge and film him twirling.  I also managed to grab a quick photo too.

Ahhh...this is just here because it's cute really.  Isn't he a dag?  

But nothing says style like a bear mask (again, acquired from an op shop).

The outfit from yesterday - cowboy hat he found in the op shop before I had even walked through the door.  His Dick Bruna 3 t-shirt I made him for his birthday, his favourite purple floral shorts, pink and green socks with the red sandals and the green crocheted cardigan (lately I've found cardigans are great because I can put them on without him really even noticing I'm doing it.  Harriet's phase of disliking jumpers and preferring cardigans or hoodies is now entering its third year I think?  She has one jumper she'll wear, but that's it).

Before violin he needed a change of t-shirt, and he chose one I had made again, which I was chuffed about.


On the way back from Double Roasters, the children were adorable.  Totally being silly and playing all the way back to the car.  Pulling, twisting, dragging and tickling each other, their giggles and falling into each other's arms was just about enough to make my day.

Today Harriet went busking again.  This time?  FIFTY dollars, in about fifteen minutes.  It's insane I tell you.  I told her she could start paying for her own singing lessons.  She laughed.  I didn't!

I had thought Ted looked rather, well, dull for Ted this morning.  And then just as we were leaving the house, he raided Harriet's jewellery box and layered himself with about seven different necklaces, a bracelet (from Grandma which reads 'Harriet' in big silver letters), and his felt, purple love heart badge from his birthday party.  In the car he shed all bar one of the necklaces which was a shame, but he kept his style quite well I thought.

Of course, not only did he keep his cool, but he kept his smile.  Can you see Harriet singing in the background?

And just a moody shot to end the blog post on tonight.  The Newtown Council Chambers were a somewhat surprisingly sombre setting.  And thus endeth the alliteration and the post.


jay said...

gorgeous, i just wanted to see more, love that style Ted.

Selene said...

That is one stylin' child!! LOVE the bear mask shot, too cute!