Friday, June 15, 2012


I keep forgetting about this awesome blog and then get annoyed that I forgot.  It's about finding little videos that children can enjoy but that weren't ever meant necessarily to be *for* children.  And thank god for that, because most things for children are either filled with that ever-so-charming good/naughty dichotomy, or gendered, or heteronormative to the point of bordering on homophobic (by the way did you know that Amazon lists its gay fiction as pornography?!  Which is why it is on my ever growing list of boycotted companies.  Use your book buying dollars in Australia at Fishpond or if you need it quickly, ironically it is better to buy books from Book Depository for speed).  Anywhere where was I...?  Oh yes, the blog!  The good blog!  Go there to check out such cool little clips as:

This is a real road connecting islands in Norway.  Far freaking OUT!

This is a great video on rhythm;  I can't wait to show Ted this one.

Totally a video Ted will make when he's about ten or so (not before because Star Wars is violent and I am constantly surprised at the violence people allow their young children to watch).

Measuring the Universe from Royal Observatory Greenwich on Vimeo.

And just to remind you that we're all geeky nerds who like information over here...

And then I always love popping in to this blog to be inspired:  I noticed they listed this blog on the Shorties blog a little while ago too. 

And now I'm off to do nothing for a little while.  Ted was insane for most of today.  INSANE, I tell you.  He also has his first violin concert this weekend.  Prepare for cute factor overload.


Lou said...

Oh we love that blog, came across it last yr but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!

jay said...

how funny, we were checking out this blog a while ago when Lou first mentioned it and we loved it and just last night I remembered it again. Thanks for the links to such awesome clips, such an awesome blog. xxx