Sunday, June 17, 2012

In Which I Don't Mention Jimbo's Birthday on His Birthday

Poor old Jimbo.  Today was his birthday but really, it didn't rate much of a mention.  Today was Ted's day - sorry Jimbo!

Today Ted had his first violin concert.  He had been asking, upon waking, every morning for the past week - "Is it Papa's birthday today?".  Each day he would practise for his performance.  His performance piece was playing Busy Busy Stop Stop on the open E string, but in reality each day he didn't focus on that.  He has been much more interested in his latest new step of using his fingers and 'walking' them up and down.  There was one day where I had to play strict Mama and insist on violin playing before Mouse Trap playing.  Evil, aren't I?  But once he gets the violin actually out and picks it up his whole demeanour changes and he just loves playing it.  LOVES it I tell you.

This morning after presents had been opened and a few different games had been played, I suggested (hmm...insisted) that Ted should practise for his performance.  My insistence was completely unnecessary.  He whipped out the violin, turned up the cd and played for quite a while.  He actually even played the Twinkle variations that he was going to play that day, rather than his usual interpretative violin expressive pieces, not to be found in any textbook I know of.

When we rolled up to the concert room, Ted was excited.  And not his normal running around excited, but a more mature excited.  He was walking around with quite a serious look on his face and then if you asked him if he was excited, he'd crack open the biggest grin you've ever seen and give a nod and an emphatic YES.  He was initially a little upset at having to wait for his turn to come (his current impatience with everything is definitely wearing us all very thin...let this stage be over puhleeeze).  However when the other children started to play, he watched them with studious intent.  Watching their faces and fingers and stance, he moved little (except to ask for food.  Of course).

Then it was his turn.  Watch this video only if you have the ability to squeal with cuteness and delight (ok that may just be me, but it is a pretty cute video).  Starring Ted and Tori, his tops violin teacher:

 I don't think I will ever tire of watching that 90 seconds.  Ever.

Then at the end all of the children get up to play pieces from the various stages they are at, ending with everyone getting up to play the variations of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  I love how Ted managed to stand in exactly the opposite direction to everyone else (which just happened to give me a better view of his face for photos and video, which was handy).
He had disrobed a little by this stage too.  You can see he wore his favourite dress from the dress-up box at home for his own performance. He had wanted to team it with the little heeled shoes as well, but luckily Tori had headed him off at the pass on that one on Friday and suggested flat shoes would work better.  I had visions of him teetering and falling during the first ten seconds of standing up at the front.

Anyway, the whole experience was fabulous.  Harriet left wanting to learn how to play the cello, which we're happy to oblige.  And as we were leaving we had quite a few lovely comments from other parents about Ted's joyful approach to performance and he really, really does.  He loves to perform.  In fact his regular and joyful performances in the real world to strangers in cafes (Double Roasters and Toby's regulars know him), friends in parks, strangers in parks, drunks outside TAB centres - you name it, Ted's played to it.  Already.  And Tori has a little system of ribbons and medals for children that perform, which Ted managed to garner a medal for (as I mentioned, he is ridiculously prolific on the performing to strangers experience).  Unfortunately there were no actual physical medals available which sent Ted off into some wild tears, placated by Tori giving him a purple Merit ribbon instead. 

 And then we were off.  Tonight I lay in bed with Ted for an hour waiting for him to calm down and go to sleep instead of laughing his head off at 'jokes' he kept telling Harriet.  Jokes such as "Once there was a man.  A man called Mr Pooman. {cue hysterical laughter from both children} Well, Mr Pooman walked to the markets and then he saw Mr A.  And then he killed Mr A. {cue laughter}  And that's the joke."  And then both of them would roll around in their respective bunk beds, while I lay there laughing and cursing myself for laughing and knowing it will spur them on to even greater levels of comedic genius.

Anyway, when he finally calmed down and we were both snuggled under the blankets looking at each other, I asked him "Teddy, why were you using your fingers in the final Twinkles?"  He got all coy and hid his face, so I asked "Was it because you wanted to be like the big children?" to which he peeked out from under the covers, looked at me, smirked and nodded.  Then out came the whoel face and he said "I just want to play with my fingers all the time now I think".  Oh god, the cute.  Now go to sleep.  I have a birthday boy to give some love and tea to.


funkylamb said...

Oh man, not just super-smart but *musical* too?? I'm not sure I can be your friend anymore - though that would mean that I don't get to watch such cute videos...

Anonymous said...

Oh MY GOD !!!
That is soooo cute- it made me think of Sam and his total lack of inherited performance anxiety!! I LOVE how he looks back at the others and buckles in delight !!! His face just melts you as he delights in HIMSELF!!! What a gorgeous hunk of joy is this kid!! I want to squeeze the guts out of him!! Ive had a bizare work day (moved to Sutho Office friday and dont even have a computer ! But Im so glad I got on this one to take a look)- Thanks Cas & happy birthday Jimbo (I have an amazing gift for you Cas...but forgot Jimbo again :-( That poor man!)
Oh and tomorrow night Sam plays his first "Unplugged School Gig" doing 2 Flight of the Concords numbers and Tim Michums- Prejudice .."Only a ranga can call another Ranga, Ranga" song....and he told me not to embarrass him at the show...? who me?? Im taking an insane posy of local muso's with me so it should be memorable...maybe I'll finally get expelled from my old High School
;-) xxx

Lou said...

Yep, completely adorable! Ted looks like he is having an absolute ball, he is so thrilled the the whole experience!

jay said...

oh so sweet, that gorgeous and talented little one

Zoe said...

Oh Cas!!! That is unreal! Marty, Stef, Chanelle and I watched the solo performance video the other night which is gorgeous! But that group hadn't loaded when we watched and WOW - I LOVE it! His coy AND confident smiles, his glances and smiles back to the others...ADORABLE!

My heart is bursting with pride after watching that so I can't imagine what you are feeling :) xx

Jimbo said...

You can't imagine how excited Teddy will be that Stef and Chanelle watched that video...