Monday, May 28, 2012

We Only Receive Messages by Owl Now...

 Yesterday, in a quiet moment, Harriet asked me where she could find an owl.  Not quite knowing what was to become of such a request, I directed her to the soft toy tubs.  (Yes, we have two tubs of soft toys.  It's an epidemic.)

A little while later I found this.  It's a Harry Potter trading card inside an envelope addressed to her best friend at school, Lucy.  Lucy also happens to play the role of Harry Potter in an ongoing game in the playground.  Harriet, as you can see, has tied a tie around his leg, attached the gift and written his name (by way of introduction I guess) on the flipside.

Harriet's currently reading Harry Potter 4 (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).  Her idea of a fun dinnertime activity is to play Harry Potter trivia with us.  She seriously knows a LOT!  When asked how many Weasley children there are, she named them all.  Not only did she name them all, she was able to give the employment details and location of the two older children.  This is contained within two sentences in book 3.  I won't let her watch Rain Man until she's older and can handle the comparison.

Not only is she reading HP, she's also currently reading:
* Diary of a Wimpy Kid
* A Wrinkle in Time
* Stuart Little
* Little House in the Big Woods
* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (again)
* Danny, Champion of the World

...and that's just off the top of my head - I'm sure there must be a few others in that bedroom I can't remember right now.  Safe to say, the child likes to have a few books on the go at any one time.


kate said...

How do you feel about her reading the wimpy kid books? My just 7 year old is on to the third one and insists she loves them, but I feel it's probably only because she sees others in her class reading them (and they only are because of older siblings). I think they're wildly unsuitable for kids this age, but am very reluctant to tell her what she can and can't read...

casso said...

I know what you mean. I was just talking about this very issue actually. I remember reading books and *knowing* that a lot was going over my head at the time (which was usually confirmed on a re-read at a later age). I haven't read them so I can't really comment, but a lot of the socially manipulative stuff I am uncomfortable with. I think I'll read it myself all the way through and then chat to her about it and see where she stands. She's very sensible so I trust her, but then I also want to make sure that her sense is maintained. :)

Hard, fine lines we walk as parents.

Jimbo said...

She finished it on the bus this morning. I noticed at that point that it is recommended for 9+, I think that's probably more age appropriate.

She didn't show much sign in being interested in any of the sequels though.

casso said...

And today I purchased The Mysterious Benedict Society for her birthday. It's totally awesome and much more up her alley. She is much more attracted to books with an old world feel to them, rather than modern environs.

It may be the result of being around parents who use the word environs as a matter of course.