Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunday Just Gone

Have I mentioned before that I love James?  And I reject all notions that my love for him is predicated upon his ability to provide baked goods for the family.  But is sure is easy to become ridiculously accustomed to freshly boiled bagels for breakfast.  Think they look good?  Try them with some delicious goats cheese.  Oh dear, someone bring me a cloth to wipe the keyboard, I may be drooling.

We often pop over to Marrickville Markets each week - mostly to have a chai and pick up some eggs (we buy them in a tray of thirty - we like eggs, ok?).  We often pass by tables set up with an array of little treasures that the children love to stop, admire, turn over in their hands and exclaim their undying love for.

This week was no different - Harriet found this little Italian cat tucked up into an oversized matchbox.  As all good cats are.  Apparently.  Well this little cat is named Micetto and the woman at the stall told her the story of his owner.  Harriet was, of course, enthralled.  And now Micetto has been loved by all at school, since she took him to school and told the class all about the history of Micetto.  I'm sure her teacher must think us a little on the odd side.

What do you call geocaching when you don't geocache?  I think it used to be called bushwalking, but not for us.  For our family it's called "Let's not worry about the treasure now, because I can hear running water in this direction instead".  It's also called awesome.  I'm loving these adventures into the bush.  This afternoon was over in the Hills District, where we went a little more prepared than last time.

 Harriet had her geocaching bag, as did Ted.  Ted in fact made his with a little help on the sewing machine, but I don't think I managed to snap a photo of it just yet.  Inside Harriet's bag I suggested she take some chalk.  It proved to be a winner.  There were important notes left for other walkers (Danger Do not Pass did cause Ted a moment's pause, but little more than that much to Harriet's surprise), and some gorgeous decorative embellishments on the signs along the way pointing us to a platypus viewing area.  (YES YOU READ CORRECTLY!  And I needed to shout just then because I was so freaking excited, but let's face it, nothing wild and alive is coming within a kilometre of my two walking noise machines)

Harriet loves these little walks.  She has been inspecting the rocks at each site, and amassing a (rather cumbersome) collection of different types of rocks.  I keep meaning to make up a little information and identification card on rock types to take with us and keep in her bag.  Yes, we are nerds.  Deal with it.

(I quite like this photo, click on it to see it big)

Ted was on a huge stick collecting expedition.  He is seen here wearing only half of his previous outfit.  And yep, those are his pyjamas under my old work tunic (I made sure to wash off all the blood and fur beforehand, I'm just so thoughtful).  It also still had my nametag on there, which is a blast from the past.  But the pocket?  Full of sticks.  Jam-packed I tell you.  And at some stage I was clutching a lovely collection of long, straight sticks.  Not all sticks met his exacting needs and at one stage there were tears at losing some, but I was grateful to not return with an entire gumtree in the boot. 

Running water?  Did someone mention running water?  Well we went for a potter down a path that lead into a valley with platypus signs.  So cool!  And when we hit the bottom, there was an incredible little creek, with collecting rock pools all interconnected with little waterfalls, a bridge, a large overhanging rock Harriet termed a cave and water just deep enough to seep into Ted's boots.  After stepping not-so-gingerly over moss-covered rocks just to test his mortality.  I only managed to snap this photo of the little fairy mushroom forest due to managing Ted. Actually James was on active Ted-watch, but I was a little distracted by the ongoing potential for death to really take the photos I wanted.  Suffice to say we will be back.  In summer.  With swimming costumes.

By this stage it was getting quite cool and dark in the valley, so we headed back up to the car.  Walking out from the bush we were dazzled by the late afternoon sun and Ted did his best to manage his pile of sticks as we trotted back up.  We turned on the warmth, turned up the tunes, and drove back home.


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