Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Life Looks Over Here

A quick post before bed.  Last Thursday saw us back into routine around here - school, clubs and the like.  Harriet attends choir on Saturdays and this week we all went along (mainly because I really love sitting out on the harbour sipping my hot beverage of choice while we wait for her to finish her class).

Ted, being the shy retiring type that he is, had no compunction in drawing up a chair from next to the ordering window in order to enquire about the whereabouts of his muffin.  The staff were totally entranced by him and I guess that mop of golden hair does suggest a certain angelic quality.

Of course once fuelled by the muffin and babycino, this child was off on his maniacal rampage - I will point out this is entirely normal behaviour for Tedster.  I suggested a running game involving banging various metal objects along the way which was met with great enthusiasm...and a request for company.  *sigh*  It was a progressive breakfast for me!  Loved it.  Look at that smile!  He is definitely full of joy.  Considering that the night before he had been up until after 10pm (James and I managed a dinner out, followed by live music, woot!  Thanks Lou and Will!), this boy was destined to crash and crash hard.

And crash he did, but not before I found this sweet little phone table in the op shop down the road.  I realised when I purchased it that my children will have no idea what I'm talking about when I tell them the hole is not a broekn drawer but the place to put your phonebook.  *cue blank stares from them and getting older theme music for me*

And I just know if you've been to our house you're thinking to yourself - where the HELL are you fitting that thing in your house?  But where there's a will there's a way.

Sure you can't see the whole thing, but when it's pretty much the only spare centimetre in your house, you take what you can.  We're desperate to overhaul the backroom, but it involves knocking down a couple of walls and rendering a section of wall, and neither of these activities is easily or cheaply performed.  Bummer really.  But for now, enjoy the spunkiness that is my new phone table (note: case hides the comedy of errors that is our cable nightmare).

 And speaking of acquisitions, I picked up this sturdy piece of outdoor furniture on the way back from the supermarket.  I did force all the members of my family to sit squished up against huge cushions, allowing Ted to exclaim "I have my own cubby in the car!".  I think it was Ted anyway, but the speaker was obscured from view by an oversized heavy cushion fashioned in the shape of a double lounge, bent over a child's car seat.

 Remember how I found that circular tablecloth in Bathurst?  Here it is as the skirt I wanted!  It has a waistband and a zipper and any experienced sewer would have finished the job in about a third of the time it took me, but hey, we all have to start somewhere!  

And tomorrow Ted starts back at preschool after a really long absence.  *gulp*  Wish us luck.


Mr Shell said...

LOVE that skirt. I've never attempted anything with a zipper. You and Lou could teach me a thing or two. And that phone table...what an awesome find. Oh I'm sooooo op shop deprived!!!!!!!!!!

casso said...

When you're next in Sydney we'll have to go on an op shop trawl. You'll come away smelling of dust and old man's underwear - sometimes it's an extreme sport. ;)