Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Hello Again

Well aren't you all lovely people?  Thanks for contacting me about my crap day.  I woke up determined to work through the negativity and it sort of worked.  In fact it has taken me until this afternoon to feel light hearted, but now I'm back in my normal place emotionally, I feel good.  
Harriet has been attending the Montessori school for the last two days.  Goddamn if she doesn't love it.  She really does.  Argh!  The frustration! It's frustrating because really, this school is just too far away for us.  I'm driving about 45mins each way which makes it a ridiculous amount of time in the car for me and for Ted.  She really is so much more animated and excited when she gets in the car though.  The first day she came home and was so wrapped up in recreating her day with two dolls that she didn't get to sleep until about 9pm.  She came straight in and started looking up information for the project on animals she started at school that day.  Then this afternoon when she came home she was all fired up about science projects (thank goodness we had bicarb and vinegar in the house).

The lovely little side project of being so far away from home was that Ted and I had a little explore around the suburban streets of the shire.  It was so quiet and peaceful - lovely to enjoy for an afternoon.  We ambled around the national park, discussed ways for the dead to have cheated their fate (when one of our stop offs was next to the cemetery), and discussed how some trees looked like a giant's hand reaching up from under the earth.  When asked how the giant arrived under the ground I spun a tale about a fairy who received wrong directions from a giant and then put a spell on him, but I fear fairies aren't the type to cast curses, so I'm hoping this mixed myth doesn't come back to bite me.

But yes, the school issue.  No matter what we choose we are doomed to be choosing something suboptimal for one reason or another.  It's difficult.  We'll go in and chat to the teachers on Friday afternoon but our choice is made and we'll have to see how we can supplement the education she receives to be more like the Montessori experience. 


jay said...

yikes, that is a hard decision. but travel time is such a huge thing on everybody and everything :( what happened to montessori in the city? sounds like you and ted had a lovely day together. those op shops around there are particularly awesome especially sutherland and mortdale (on the way). so glad you are feeling lighter. xxx

Kimba said...

Oh wow. I'm sorry the school can't work for your family when it works so well for Harriet. What a pain. There's nothing else like it a little closer to home then?