Monday, February 06, 2012

Crap Day

Today was a really crap day.  There have been some lovely days since I ended the PAD Challenge, but today was not one of them.

It also happened to be the day we went to the Montessori school in the afternoon for Harriet to meet her guides and for us to take a tour of the school.  I spent the last half of that tour with Ted screaming in my ear for Ah-Moe.  Suffice to say this did not improve my mood and I had a sad moment of near tears over dinner.  You may realise, if you know me, that this is very rare.  Very rare indeed.

Often when I have a crap day I'll have some other reminder that I actually have life pretty cruisy.  And I had that perspective all day today; from my beautiful friend Melinda to little ones with hospital visits - I kept receiving reminders that I have it so easy.

But today was not the day.  I could not be moved from my slump.  I am so glad I finished off my session last night, because being in this frame of mind is no way to do work.  I chose to do bugger all tonight, not even any sewing (of which there is plenty to choose from) or creating (for which there is a party coming up soon that begs creations).

Instead I watched a documentary on my computer (on my own, James had a migraine and had to go to bed), avoided websites, bought ribbon and looked up where the closest op shop is to Harriet's school.  I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day.  It has to be, right?


jay said...

oh darling that makes me sad, the thought of you in near tears, oh my goodness. i love that you seemed to slow things down in your sadness by the end of the day and really nurtured yourself and released the pressures on yourself. sweet darling i hope today is full of moments of loveliness and ease. mwah.
(funnily enough my word verification on this comment is gente but when i glanced i thought it was gentle...

Kimberley said...

I certainly hope it is better.
Your optimism in the face of a crap day inspires me, I tend to fall in a heap of "woe is me" when I have crap days!
Here's to a better tomorrow :)