Monday, January 09, 2012

9th of January

Today was spent hanging at home.  Oh, not MY home though.  My friend who lives down the street has a lawnmower.  We have an edger.  It's a beautiful thing.

So my mob invaded her mob and we overstayed our welcome by about four hours or so I'd say.  It's all a bit Ramsay St around here, everyone pretty much knows everyone else on the street and no-one looks twice at a woman pushing a lawnmower up the footpath to her home.

And that's it.  Oh tonight James went to see Deerhoof at the Festival so Harriet and I had an extended book reading on the lounge together and managed to finally polish off The Borrowers in time to go and see Arrietty at the cinema for some special Mama/Daughter time.

Note to others - The Borrowers is really tedious.  Great idea, poorly executed.  I have no doubt that Studio Ghibli will provide a much more entertaining version of events.

To add a little more sparkle to the post (as f that petulant photo of Ted isn't enough), I thought I'd leave you with this video of the children singing Advance Australia Fair while we were camping just before Christmas.  They get to it eventually and they sing both verses.  Hang on to your seats.


jay said...

that lawmower shot is awesome, love it

Zoe said...

It cuts good grass that one! And like I said before, you did not overstay at all - always welcome!
Re: Arriety...was just thinking of what day I can take Priya for special mummy time - can't wait!

narelle said...

we just watched The Borrowers the night before last! Greta laughed and laughed at times, I think it captured her imagination enough to avoid tedium & I liked it's timeless feel. I did not know about Arrietty (and Disney concerns me, how they can ruin an idea!) but thank you for bringing to my attention!

casso said...

Oh Disney is only the distributor, they had nothing to do with making the film (blergh at the thought!).