Sunday, January 22, 2012

22nd of January

Party time!  I love it when we go to parties just before we have to host one ourselves - you always walk away with a few more new ideas on what you can do.  
Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to recreate quite the musical extravaganza that Priya managed at her party today.  For the musical party there was a performance tent, as well as a couple of musicians who came in and, behind closed curtains, transformed the higgeldy piggeldy morass of children into a harmonic, subdued-through-awe chorus who backed up Chanelle's singing of a most gorgeous little song.

I'm currently uploading it to YouTube but if you're particularly zealous and came here super early, the link below won't work because it still hasn't uploaded.  Give it a minute, people.

The cute thing about today was that Ted fell in love.  Again.  Yes, the child is fickle.  He professed his undying love to Chanelle.  And showed off dancing in front of her, played spell casting with her, play acted different animals, sang, performed acrobatics and actually said "I love you Chanelle" a number of times.  Lisa, come back quickly, you might slip from top spot!

After a terrible night's sleep from Ted (of course just after I wrote about putting him to bed in stony immoveable silence) he awoke and was unable to resettle so that was it for me for the night.  Bummer.

But tonight, after no day sleep, raspberry and cream icecream as can be seen here, dips, crackers, running around, music lessons, showing off, falling in love, nachos for dinner, historically long bath and a final encore of Puddles and Mud in the playroom before bed, I doubt he'll be rousing any time soon.  I'm so confident I'm prepared to put it out in the public sphere.



jay said...

over zealous, ummm, come on you tube. what a great musical tent, looks like a fun party. tap tap tap waiting for that video tap tap tap.

Zoe said...

Early?...zealous? Yes, that's me from my comatose position on lounge with laptop on lap (fancy That!)I am exhausted!

Hurry up video, I want to see it again - they were just GORGEOUS! And seriously...I heard Ted tell Chanelle he loved her and invite her back to his house - MORE GORGEOUS!!!

casso said...

Oh my goodness, are you serious? He is just hilarious! I hope I get to have this sort of ongoing transparency with the women he invites back to his house...although I somehow highly doubt it. ;)

Anonymous said...

O my !! I will go down fighting for number one spot in my Ted's heart....well at least till he's about 16!! Im getting in the car now and we will talk Wallace and Gromit till he says Chantelle who??? xxxx Computer soooo slow takes to long to comment even :-(