Saturday, January 21, 2012

21st of January

Keeping a toddler afloat between the transition of one sleep to no sleep during the day is, as I may have mentioned once or thrice on here, a delicate balancing act. Ted managed to grab about five minutes in the car in the morning, just prior to this photo being taken.  Would that be enough?  Could we work through the rest of the day with just that amount of down time under his belt?  

Harriet is thoroughly enjoying the Usborne Puzzle Omnibus I bought for her the other day (damn you Book Depository!  Your temptation is all-encompassing!).  I noticed she was reading it and just immediately turning to the answers when they were a little difficult.  So I started to help her out a little (*ahem* I do love a little puzzle myself).  Harriet and I got quite caught up working out a few of the codes, and she really got the bug of trying to decode them too.  Once Papa and Ted AND myself were all involved this morning, she realised that the working through the puzzles themselves was great fun and has been enjoying them all day.  She has been carrying around the weighty tome in the backseat of the car and working on the puzzles with great enthusiasm.
I'm hoping this moves on to helping me with the Target puzzle in SMH, because she already quite enjoys assisting us with the crossword when she can and I love having a sounding board for puzzles, they're so much fun to do with someone else (do I sound enough of a puzzle nerd yet?).

Today we finally went to see Arrietty, the Studio Ghibli film based on The Borrowers.  James decided bravely to take Ted to see the Happy Feet movie, because it would have loads of singing and drumming in it.

Well Harriet and I went off and had an awesome time!  Poor Ted and James however...In the previews, the very first preview was for Ice Age 4.  Holy crap. It was edited like a freaking video clip, cuts all over the place and very high paced.  Harriet nearly had a heart attack watching it.  EVen I found it quite disconcerting to watch, especially at that size and that volume.  

But poor Ted - James looked over at him and he was just Losing. His. Shit.  So they didn't even get past the first preview.  I think three is way too young for the cinema anyway, but it was a shame they had to leave *quite* that early.  He enjoyed eating a pile of food and playing in the playcentre while he waited for Harriet and I to emerge however.  He didn't even want Ah-Moe when I saw him!  He just asked me immediately for a soda water, hilarious.

He fell so deeply asleep in the car on the way home that I was able to run in and do a quick shop at Metro.  He transferred into the bed without stirring, I pulled off his shorts and rubbed pawpaw into his nappy rash, placed him in a new nappy and he still didn't stir.  I think he might have been a little tired.

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