Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18th of January

I love my friends.  I especially love it when I have new friends and I realise that they're awesome.  Alina and Oscar started out as "the music class teacher and her son".  But now?  Now Oscar is one of the three or four children Ted is insistent on asking to come to his party (in fact he is the first child on the list, but not the first person - Lisa will always take out that particular honour I believe) and Alina is someone who I actively missed talking to after missing her conversation and presence for almost three months (is it really that long?  no, it must only be about two months).  

 Oscar and Teddy had a wonderful time all day today, playing beautifully together and narrowly avoiding mortal injury by a hair's breadth as most threenagers do.    Wondering what they're doing in these two photos?  Well the wind knocked around the football goal that Teddy received at Christmas, but did you know the plastic pipes make fantastic vocal instruments?  We do.  We ALL do now.

And honestly for pretty much all of the day, Alina and I chatted, the children played, Harriet had a nuclear meltdown from not eating and insisting on wearing her flannelette pyjamas in heavily humid weather, and the whole day was just fantastic.

Members of our family who often get short shrift on this blog are Gretel (on the left) and Liesl (on the right).  Today it was finally time to clean their bowl, which I hadn't managed to get to before Christmas and I decided spontaneously to do the job just before we headed out for dinner tonight.

Notice that we've gone out for dinner quite a lot this last week?  Well I am pretty much to blame for that, for the cupboards aren't bare as such, but they're incomplete.  Enough to make sort of half a meal perhaps, but always missing an essential ingredient for one or other of our dinners.  Plus what with the attempt to keep Ted awake all day lately, his tiredness requires a lot more attention to ensure he doesn't seriously hurt himself or spark off a war with Harriet.  This makes it tricky to fit in dinner creation as well.  I'll get on top of it soon, I promise. 

When we go out for dinner however, there is one snag.  Our children needing to go to the toilet.  Because if it's a poo...*sigh*...if it's a poo, well we're talking a loooong wait.  And standing inside a stinky public toilet while my children try to engage me in conversation, swinging their feet and happy as anything, is just not my idea of fun.  They just take so. long.  SO LONG!  So yes, in response I am going to post a photo of Ted on the toilet.  Sue me.

And then guess what I did afterwards?  I tried on a dress, I did!  I tried on this one and it looked pretty swanky if I do say so myself.  I don't want to buy the first dress I've found, but given I have to find one by the 11th of February,  I need to act soon.  So who knows?  That might be my dress!

On the way home in the car, Ted decided to spit the contents of his water bottle all over his top.  You know how it is.  And apparently, according to the older Greek woman two doors down from us, this is going to mean he has asthma.  You should have seen her look of horror when Ted was wandering around naked in winter. She probably assumed he had pneumonia.

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