Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17th of January

Quiet ole day today.  A lot of lying around on the lounge.  A lot of regrets regarding the creation of yesterday's Monster School game in the evening.  It spilled over into today and it lasted all day.  All.  Day.  We pretended to be humans when we went to buy coffee, and discussed whether we were in the Human World yet. When we visited my friend at her house it was the 'Monster Human School' where humans and monsters educated each other about the other species.  Harriet came home and drew pictures of the "strange things humans do".  She quite enjoyed the anthropological nature of the game I think.

We considered going to get some shopping on the way home but Ted had a late sleep and was in no emotional position to deal with the high powered experience of the local supermarket.  So we went home where I quickly realised they had had no food for a long time.  Anyone who has met my children will know they eat. A lot. Regularly.  So I whipped up some popcorn to tide them over and then a mango lassi.  Oh my - the mango lassi was INCREDIBLE!  Everyone devoured it.  Well Harriet performed her version of devouring it, which was coming out to tell me that it was the most delicious thing she'd ever had in her life and that she was going to drink it slower than any other drink she's ever had.  Considering this was coming from Harriet, who honestly takes about forty minutes or so of continuous drinking to finish a hot chocolate, I thought I'd better step in and tell her it was fine to finish it.

On the other hand we had Ted.  Ted who found a fascination with dunking his popcorn kernels into the lassi.  Mmmmm...?

Here he is dancing on his way back inside.  Bare butt and all.

It was a late one home for Papa and we all sat outside to eat dinner (half a winner [pie/quiche hybrid filling], half a loser [crust]).

James and I attempted to have a halfway intellectual conversation regarding dystopian worlds, whilst simultaneously being involved with putting out fires (with Ted and his plastic tubing) and hearing gun shots (somewhere down the street - for real!).

Short and sweet tonight.  Pretty chilled out day and tomorrow we're at home again.  But then on Thursday - I'm venturing out!  For the first time in weeks!  Hold on to your hats, people.


Zoe said...

loving these daily posts...but gun shots?? when?

casso said...

About ten to eight, there were seriously about 8-10 of them! I've never heard a gun shot before but these sounded like they were coming from a moving car down at the highway. I made a note of the time just in case I got asked by police!

Then about thirty seconds later we heard the squeal of sirens start up, so I guess they were on to it. Full on!