Friday, January 13, 2012

12th and 13th of January

 12th of January

Apologies for not posting yesterday. I was just so flipping tired I really needed to do nothing.  But we are now back to your regular PAD programming...until tomorrow because we'll be out until late so I won't be posting again until Sunday.

In the morning we woke and before I even got out of bed we had spent an hour in the bedroom playing discoes.  So much fun!  Watching Ted's disco dancing was priceless and I pretty much laughed myself stupid before 9am.  Great way to start the day.  However when I finally dragged my butt out of the bedroom I saw my friend had called and needed me to take her to the hospital as soon as possible.

So off I trotted after ensuring I was showered (because no-one likes to sit next to a smelly mama) and Ted ate nearly all of my pancake, so I was pretty hungry too.  But thanks to my good friend Regan, she came to my home with her son and apparently all three children played *without any incidents at all*.  Wow.  She sat outside and read her book in the sun!  Awesome!

In order to move my little brood out of the house and to find some fun and happiness, we decided upon the pool again - mainly because Harriet is obsessed with her dive toys.  She can (and does) spend HOURS with these things.  So we all drove home tired but happy.
Here Ted is enjoying the age old fun effect of placing his swimming vest over some bubble jets at the pool.  It was mega fun.  In fact when I did it to my top Ted's eyes lit up and he started hysterically laughing and saying "Mega Ah-Moe Mama!  MEGA Ah-Moe!".
 Ted was so tired he fell dead asleep before we got to Newtown for dinner, where he sat on me completely and utterly dead to the world whilst Harriet, James and I scoffed yummy yummy food from Sabbaba.  My god I love the food in that place (we get the halloumi plates...mmm....). 

What is he doing in the bath fully clothed you might ask?  I have no idea.  I just found him in there as I was running around getting ready before I left for the hospital.  Cute, huh?  He was having a blast and I wasn't going to stop him.

13th of January

Ahhh...nothing to do today.  Nothing.  So we spent the morning at home, where I managed to move a few little things around (things that no-one but those who live here would even notice), clean up a few little things as well, and watch Harriet read her books and Ted play his funny little story games.
I managed to move the little blue shelf cupboard thingy from the playroom into the children's room, which I've been wanting to do for a while.  Harriet insists on purchasing these little bitsy figurine style items with nowhere to display them and the top of her drawers (which is 'her' area) is usually covered in dust and pieces of paper and general crap.  Having that spot cleaned up definitely makes me feel calmer, especially since it's the first thing you see when you enter the bedroom.

On Ted's drawers I placed the basket Harriet had and put a few select items inside.  I'm planning on changing these items every few weeks.  Today I placed his necklace, a purple car, a magnifying glass and a string of beads he had pulled apart to be a snake.  Here he made them into some bunting (the snake), Christmas lights (the beads), a purple car (the purple car) and a big window (the magnifying glass).  I love the way his mind works.

So after he'd had a sleep we headed out to our parenting meet-up, where the children all played together so beautifully today is was incredibly relaxing.  Some of the mothers had also arranged for a mobile hairdresser to visit, and I got my hair cut by a hairdresser for the first time in about 8yrs for $40.  Bonus.

The children all played on the trampoline together so happily - you'd never believe it but this photo was taken with no subsequent injuries - in fact Ted and Darcy had much giggling and rolling around together which was gorgeous to watch.


Here Harriet and Carmella are making lemonade and orange juice for everyone.  Harriet was in charge of squeezing the oj and Carmella was in charge of making the lemonade.  Ted is waiting patiently for his orange juice, which he'd never tasted before.

That was it.  Quiet, loving and happy and even a little productive to boot, what with rearranging and haircuts.  We'll need it because tomorrow is going to be a long, late one and I won't be posting until Sunday.  See you all then!

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