Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11th of January

I thought the start of today was going to be spent sitting in waiting rooms for a long time.  It really does seem as though every doctor in the world is always running late.  However the person I was accompanying was seen ASAP, we then zipped up for the referral and were both back in about 90 minutes.  Who on earth would have thought it?!

Then it was back to help with the washing and cleaning, and to watch (*ahem* supervise) as the children all had a completely awesome time together today. Ted fell in love with the rockets out for play and I realised that with his birthday coming up, he needs his own rocket toy. I saw one when I was out the other day and will have to make a beeline back there methinks. 

Today Harriet found this bright orange safety vest in the dress-up pile at her friend's house.  It went on immediately.  She came bounding out from the room and proudly announced that "This is a police vest and now I'm the police officer in charge of everything".  Beware giving Harriet power!  She is not of the Marxist ilk I would have hoped.

When we got home we were all a bit spent.  In order to change the mood, we decided to drive out to Clovelly to get the best food in the entire world.  EVER.  It is so good that we drove out there to pick it up and then drove straight back home to eat it.  However the chips?  Well...the chips never last the whole way home, do they?

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