Thursday, October 06, 2011

Tongues and Dresses

No photos today.  We went to the Children's Festival at Carriageworks and I didn't take my camera to cut down on bulk.  We had a fun time, but nothing mindblowing.

On the way there Harriet mentioned something about her teeth.  Ted pipes up with "I have a wobbly teeth"...{pause}..."Oh.  So, I also have a wobbly tongue".  {cue laughter}

In other completely consumerist news, I happened across this just now.  I have never looked at designer clothes for children before, but oh my goodness, this is one gobsmackingly gorgeous dress.  If I actually could ever afford one hundred pounds for a dress for Harriet - this would be the one I choose.  Seriously. 

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Mr Shell said...

That dress is divine - I think it would be great in apple green too! I want one for myself!