Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Oscar, Pianos and Food

Hmm... I'm not quite sure why these photos look quite as terrible as they do on here, will have to investigate.  Needless to say this is not what they look like on my computer, so will investigate further.  
But without further ado, here is Ted soaking up the company of Oscar.  On Tuesday Harriet went to a sewing class (and made a bag!  photos to come) and we took the older-child-freedom to enjoy a playdate with a friend of Ted's.   Oscar is from the infamous music class - in fact his mum runs the class - in fact Ted pretends to be his mum a LOT in his play around our house.  Oscar and Ted played together so well all day, it was delicious to watch them interacting.  I love this age, where children are just starting to discuss, converse and attempt to negotiate with others.

Here Ted and Oscar made a boat.  Out of cushions, of course.  There was also a lot of love for the cardboard violins (how cool an idea is that?!), the little red table that held much food (I think we have introduced yet another stunned outsider to the amount of food our children eat on an hourly basis - both of them together and James just hands over his paycheque to the grocery gods each month), and the piano.

I loved how the two of them managed to turn a little click-clack ball run into a crayon dispensary.  And a lounge into a percussion section.   And a cardboard box into a rocket.

I may have mentioned the piano, but let me just remind you - Ted loved the piano.  In fact at the end of our stay when we had to pick up Harriet (*ahem* yes we were there all day and it was hard work to keep Ted awake for the five minutes it took to drive to the sewing class afterwards, he was exhausted) Ted was distraught at having to leave without one more piano play.  So he went downstairs and waved goodbye to it.  

We've bought up big on lay-by for him at the percussion shop for Christmas already, but for his birthday we're going to buy him a keyboard.  He just loves it.  LOOOoooooves it.  

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