Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ted Says

While hanging upside down on Jimbo's chair I had to lean over and smother Ted's belly in kisses (as you do).  His response?
"Don't ruin me!"

Harriet was particularly fragile after school this afternoon (a result of a few late nights). Ted and her had a little argument about something as we pulled up outside the house.  Harriet stormed out, while Ted leant over from his car seat, and said to me seriously:
"I need to get out.  I need to have a conversation with Harriet about this."


Lou said...

fFntastic! Ted - you rock!

Lou said...

whoops, that would be Fantastic of course.

neilly said...

oh golly i adore that boy

Kimberley said...

You know it's probably illegal to be that cute, don't you? Oh, I laugh so much at your stories.

JennieMo said...

He is so funny! I can't wait till they are teenagers! LOL!!