Saturday, October 15, 2011

iPad Discussions

Ted, as I have mentioned before, is obsessed with screens.  In a house where we try to actively minimise screen usage, his intense focus on screens is rather disconcerting.  The other day I took a video of him confirming with me that he wasn't going to touch or play with my iPad.  Hmmm...see for yourself. 


jay said...

oh my goodness, ted is adorable, i could just watch him all day. i loved the hunched shoulders and the finger pointing, oh my goodness. too much. xxx

jay said...

I love how Ted instinctively makes himself smaller in voice and stature when he knows he is on your radar and navigating ground that he knows is forbidden. 'I am not here, nothing to see, move along.....'

Hilarious and adorable. Scott xoxo

JennieMo said...

Love his negotiation/spin doctor skills. He is a politician in the making...I tella. Hilarious!!

arromyf said...

That was hilarious and cute.
He is so adorable, so hard to say "no" to him LOL