Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekends Look Like This

We all love a long weekend. Around these parts they're usually little more than another Sunday, replete with late breakfasts (usually, as Harriet calls them, "one of those breakfasts that has all of the things on the plate, like scrambled eggs and tomatoes"), toys left lying around, parents who lazily leave plates and mess for an hour at a time whilst the paper is read...and this. Welcome to our weekend. This is what it looks like - mess, crying, singing and all.

And literally the very next thing that happened was Teddy spat those mushrooms out right in the kitchen doorway.

Next video to come will be Harry's discussion on zero. She turned to me as she sat in the playroom and said "I know what zero is. It's an EVEN number - look, I've just divided zero evenly into two piles!" and proceeded to mime plonking two handfuls of nothing on either side of her bony butt. "See, and it also keeps the pattern of even then odd, even then odd" as she pointed to the number chart on our wall at zero, one, two, three. So we decided to video that little lesson for all of you in blogland - it shall come.


neilly said...

i've just died from an overload of cute.

Kristy said...

Awww I miss you & your kidlets (and husband with the great name).
Must catch up! When life settles down, after next week - with move to Gerringong and 2 days at Westmead with Ellie. Maybe a half way meeting point? Even with just Ellie & Teddy. X