Sunday, June 19, 2011

Birthday Business

Anyone would think there'd been a birthday or two around these parts lately. It's been verging on controlled chaos - every last minute seemed to be organised to catch up with someone or do something exciting. Cards on mantles. Slices of cake left in the fridge. Yummy new teas in the cupboard.

But it turns out there was another that came and went with a quiet passion. In the midst of our maelstrom, Doll-Doll turned two and I happened to catch it one sun soaked, pyjama cosied, wintry morning.

There is more to come, but I am so very, very tired and have so very, very much to catch up on in real life that I'll have to come back more for our annual June madness (which was even crazier than normal this year).


Zoe said...

GORGEOUS!!! Adore the high pitched "get the cake" to Doll Doll's face...x

Lou said...

Oh far too gorgeous! I LOVE how Ted uses his special high pitched 'i'm talking to a little person' voice when he asks Doll-Doll if she wants some cake.

Oops just saw previous comment. Seriosuly I wrote above before I saw that! It Is a particularly stand-out moment though!

casso said...

Oh it's my fave part too. HE does that little voice all the time. He has been saying some crackers lately. The other night he said to me "Get out the freaking ah-moe". OH MY GOD! I cracked up laughing before I could stop myself, it was that hilarious!

JennieMo said...

dCasso...he is adorable and so gentle and sweet with doll doll! I just want to hug him for being so cute! :)