Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Adventure Sunday

Lazy Sundays. We're all waking late, eating late and thinking slowly. We stumble about in pyjamas until the sun is too hot, do the quiz in the Herald over breakfast to shake off the brain fuzz and then realise we still can't think clearly when you start pouring the milk in to the tea cup first.

This Sunday just past we managed to get to the local markets around midday. Normally we're there around ten am, so it was a particularly slow start for our household. There hadn't been any upsets, growling, screaming, crying or disagreements even. Just a slow, languid morning.

On the way home with some fruit in tow for Harriet's lunches, we talk about what to do with the rest of the day. And suddenly we decide on a day trip to the Northern Beaches. Like, right NOW! And we manage it. We all get home, pack bags, go to the toilet and drive off.

The first fifteen minutes were slightly stressful, due to Ted's monotonous refrain of "Tunnel!" because there weren't tunnels every five minutes for him to admire. The airport, however, always makes an impact so that placated him amidst the tunnel desires.

When we arrived at Palm Beach Ted woke up (as did Harry! She ended up having something akin to a sleep in the car!) and after James and I lined up for a coffee, we made our way down to the little beach there. Ted loves water. I mean he is absolutely, terrifyingly FEARLESS in the water (he is also fearless about launching himself off high objects - after little safety-pants-Harry it's a whole new ballgame here folks). Here he's agreeing to hold Papa's hand mainly because he was a little unsteady with the shifting sands. But once he was used to them he actively and vehemently eschewed all parental assistance to stop him from drowning.

He did, momentarily, become quiet with awe when he looked up at this position and then said "Water tunnel!". Aha! More tunnel action.

The jetty was the place to be. We ran the length of it, Ted tried to jump off it, Harry swayed and pushed the jetty steps again and again, marveling at how they moved in the water and I tried to take the odd photo in between having a heart attack with Ted and trying to hold his hand.

We weren't really there for very long - a few hours tops. We had a picnic lunch hobbled together from a few pieces we had left in the fridge. Ted spent a lot of time digging up sand with shells. Harry spent a lot of time...well...doing Harry stuff (which usually involves talking). James and I spent a lot of time playing tag teams on Ted intervention and Harry audience-ing.

Then, as we were leaving, I decided I'd try to grab the elusive family portrait. Jen took some gorgeous photos of us last year and they were so gorgeous as to inspire me to try and take some more in our day-to-day lives. Of course since then I haven't taken a one.

But here was my chance! Not one once of sadness all day, an impromptu outing, gorgeous weather and a picturesque location. I seized the moment, James seized the milk crate next to the jetty and I set up the shot. It did require stopping people from entering the jetty (which gave us quite the audience behind the camera to try and ignore) and there was a large group of people behind us because the ferry was coming in. But, amazingly, we somehow managed to position ourselves so that no-one else is visible, and we're all looking in the camera. It's a Christmas miracle!

PS: The other day Ted asked me to tie this teatowel around his neck. It was for no reason other than to look totally debonair and gorgeous apparently. This boy is full of so much joy it practically hurts my heart just to look at him. Just this afternoon we were in the supermarket and he was dancing around, singing and carrying something or other. Everyone who saw him smiled and laughed. EVERYONE! Even those people who look cranky when a child breathes too close to them gave a small smirk. There is just something about him. He has charisma to burn.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, those days are the best :)

Anonymous said...

ooooh this was beautiful !!!
What a lovely day !!
And the family portrait is gorgeous...and Harry let you do it ???
See you guys soon !! xxxx Lis

samanthacurrie.com said...

Amazing family photo Cass, well done! hope you manage lots more in the future :)