Monday, February 28, 2011

An Unexpected Evening

It's a pretty safe bet that when you have two children, especially with one living it large at two years of age, that each day is just a bundle of barely held together threads of what you expect to happen in a day.

Last Saturday night is a case in point. I had arranged to go out to dinner with a fairly large group of friends in Surry Hills. Not only had I dressed up (*gasp*) I even had make-up on (*quelle horreur*). On the way there Teddy started to cry. And not just cry, but do those racking sobs that make a mother's heart stop. And he kept on. And on. And on. We had no idea why! He just did not stop sobbing. Of course I had worn an outfit that didn't allow easy breastfeeding access so when we finally parked the car I had to do a little public display in order to calm him down.

But he didn't. Calm down, that is. He just kept on crying and crying and no-one could work out what was wrong. Ted wasn't saying, and we weren't guessing. I just knew I wasn't going to be going to dinner after all. To say I was angry would be an understatement. Not angry at Ted, not at all. Just angry at the fact I wasn't going and angry, in a weird way, at the fact that I had no-one or nothing to be angry AT. I mean, I never get child-free time and it would have been so lovely to sit in one of the last evenings of warm summer light, surrounded by friends, eating yummy food, child free (oh to eat without jumping up every two minutes! at ANY meal!).

So I didn't go. I went to bainmarie Indian with plastic tablecloths, fluoro lights and a doorway to the street only metres away and got cranky. It wasn't fair on anyone. And halfway through the dinner Harriet got up, walked over to where I was sitting and gave me a big hug. She said "I'm sorry about your night" and went back to her seat.

Oh the joy! How happy I suddenly was! Seriously, that was enough to completely lift my mood and move me into something else entirely. Ted had been as happy as anything as soon as he sat down with food, so it turns out he was just hypoglycaemic. So with Ted happy, Harry empathetic and James as wonderful as ever, I didn't really have any more reasons to be angry. (Well I'd still love to sit down for an entire meal but give me three years or so I guess).

So on the way back to the car I pushed my luck and suggested I had the right to take a few photos. To which Harry agreed! And we all ran, played tip, danced, giggled and hid from each other all the way up Crown Street.

Harriet has had her second tooth come out. For about a week that tooth was so, so wobbly. If you can bear it, double click to see the big version of this photo. You'll see one baby tooth hanging on for grim life to a gum that wants it gone. Harriet enjoyed every single second of that gross tooth. She loved wobbling it around with her tongue. She loved wobbling it around with her finger. She loved showing it to anyone who stood still near her. She loved it.

Safe to say that we didn't. Adios tooth!

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Lou said...

Oh the joys of wobbly teeth. It has been THE converstaion topic round here. Totally gross!