Thursday, January 13, 2011

Two Days in One

Sorry for not posting yesterday. There was a post of sorts, but it was in my Flickr stream. So I give you Wednesday and Thursday.
He's sitting on my lap telling me that he likes this shot of himself. Nice to know.

Feeling pretty under the weather today. I've got that achy joint thing going on where you just know your body will ache like buggery later, let alone right now.

Therefore it was a quiet day. Ted has been doing the minimal sleep thing for the past few nights and I'm pretty over it. Need. To. Sleep.

This was taken on the bouncy in our backyard in the fading sun. He loves to bounce on it with Harriet and she loves to bounce him - the perfect toy! So sorry on the no comments tonight but I really need to rest up.

A couple of weeks ago I bought her a copy of the Greek Myths book that she has taken out of the local library for three months in a row. She was SO excited.

Over dinner she read me Perseus and the Gorgon's Head and then on the lounge she read me Theseus and the Minotaur. It's not just the reading of them that impresses me, it's her analysis of the emotional motivation of the main characters. She has very definite ideas about what they have done in the story, who is a good god, who is brave, etc.

I am uploading a reasonably long video of her reading to YouTube where you can see how, even though she knows the stories, she is reading them because she asks what the word 'information' is and another one too (that I can't remember).

Ironically she is wearing her school uniform in this shot. She loves wearing it and I've been able to see first hand just how it hides some really terrible stains. Yay!

Her first day of school (like many others of course) is on the 31st of January so you'll be sure to see this uniform in its entirety on my last PAD.

Thanks for all of your well wishes for yesterday, but they were to no avail. Ted decided to wake at 9pm and stay awake until after 1am. He then spent the afternoon crying and sobbing about a friend's son who came over and is a very physical player. Ted just isn't, he is much more interested in pretend play with the Little People. He places one of them in the car and says "Mama! In Car! Go Shop! Brrmm...".

So when William came up to him and pushed a car into his belly he cried. And when he got over that and went to play again Will bonked him over the head with a piece of rope, he cried. Don't get me wrong, Will is a lovely child, he's just right into physical play. Poor Ted found it all a little hard. Plus he's teething (those darn 2yr molars). *sigh*

Today Harriet watched me making some biscuits for a friend who was coming over for a playdate. She was inspired to create her own biscuits and, in true Harriet fashion, realised that when she owns the mixture, she owns the rules. ;o)

This is her literally in the middle of telling me "I'm just going to eat the mixture Mama! I'm not even going to cook it at all!". *snort* And in true Harriet fashion she ate about three wooden spoons worth and left the rest. She has next to no sweet tooth whatsoever. Our next door neighbour left us some Lindt chocolate to say thanks for looking after her geriatric cat. Harriet DID NOT like it!

I so wish I had her tastebuds.

Oh my I love him. (Have I mentioned that?)

This is the face I got when I pulled out the camera and he said "Cambra. Photer. MYLE!". Which is weird because I *never* ask him to smile!!! But how damn adorable is he I ask you?

Anyway I am fluctuating between boiling hot and freezing cold, coughing up hard green grossness and still aching.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Cass. Rest up! Can't wait to catch up when we finally get home. In the meantime it's been a real treat to keep up with your lives by checking in here every few days. Go the Jan PAD. I have blog envy, as always! Xx Lou

Anonymous said...

You are very good to keep up the faith Cas ! Hope you feel better soon- it is a horrible bug. See you tomorrow :-) Looking forward to seeing Harry reading in Greek no doubt shortly ;-)