Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Almost Dead

Yes, I have been beyond sick lately. So, so ill. Looking back (a whole two days out from my illness) I can barely remember or believe how I managed to function at all. But I have been continuing to do my PAD project, although without the accompanying narrative (which for me is almost as important as the photos), so not too sure how it will translate as a book, but anyway.

Just thought I'd post something for those of you who have contacted me about being sick. So nice to know I have been missed! This is a video I took of Ted waiting at our front door for...well I think you'll work it out for yourself.


Lou said...

Too stinkin cute Cass! Sibling love is such a precious thing to witness isn't it?

Merrie said...

How cute. We have a Hayaaahte at our house too! Whenever Hazel cries she says " aaaaaaaah Mummy Daddy Hayaaahte"