Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Dear

I swear this is the truth. I was coming out of the shower and James was in the playroom dressing Ted. Neither of us saw the other until the big unveil as we walked past each other in the dining room. What are the chances?!

We are all alive and well, and although Christmas Day was absolutely one of our worst days as a family in a looong time (probably on par with my birthday in 2008) we all managed to live through it with minimal scarring. In fact the last couple of days have been pretty good and today was downright fun! Woot! I'll give the Christmas lowdown sometime soon but for now, sit back and enjoy the holiday programming...

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Anonymous said...

Matching shorts! I too am guilty. Once all three of us went out in courdoroy's, classy and stylish I know. Hope your new year is a whole lot better :)