Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mulberry Days

Ted really likes mulberries. Unfortunately for him (and the rest of us too), the mulberry tree grows on the other side of the fence and in the opposite direction to where my ladder can reach. But I was determined! Spurred on by a cheering Harriet, I managed to procure six (read 'em, SIX) mulberries. Harriet graciously put aside two for Teddy to eat and oh dear...he really loved them! Hopefully the remaining handful that I can reach without killing myself will ripen over the next week or so and Ted can be sated.

He was most upset today when I refused to push his car around the streets with him in it. There are only so many times that you can push him up and down the same stretch of footpath and be entertained by it. Ted can perform such a task for seemingly an endless period however. This is Ted exhorting his intense desire to ride. And it was an intense that only a toddler can feel, you know? I capitulated by suggesting we ride down to the train in the evening to see James arrive home, which worked out well. He's scuffing the life out of his funky little shoes too. I think the bargain value of the car may be outshone by the cost of the shoes he wears through each ride.

In other news from today, Ted ATE! He ate about a full cup of broccoli soup (unprecedented), dried apricots, mulberries, corn (as seen here with those gorgeous eyes that receive many comments), kiwi fruit, pancake..I mean loads. And of course that isn't including all the breastfeeds as well. He's never eaten that much before, I think we have ourselves a growth spurt coming up.

And just in case those previous photos give the false impression of a sad, angry, eating child, I thought I better post shots of him being 'normal Ted'. Laughing, smiling, hamming it up - *sigh* and *melt*.

Oh and seriously, go and click on that first photo to see it big. His eyes are gorgeous in that shot.


Selene said...

OMG! The cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ted is so gorgeous !! A whole Ted blog and I love that video !! We will all have to go searching for Mulburries now so he doesn't go with out ;-)
xx Lis

Anonymous said...

Where's the update ??? What's been going on in the life of Haz & Tedstar ?? Work life is so boring with out my updates ;-)
xx Lis