Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hysterics, Meltdowns, Drama - You Name It

I know, I know. But the thing is - the longer I leave the blog, the less likely I am to update because it feels like I have too much to write about. So I'm going to do a quick wrap up from the last month, leave it at that and then blog along as if all was normal again.

This first photo is Harry when we went to visit her friend Samantha in her new house. I think our entire house could fit inside their kitchen. And no I'm not joking.

We had NanaGrandpa over en route to Perth and Harriet spent her first (and second) nights away from us by staying in their caravan. She seemed to be able to turn off the teen-angst style meltdowns for exactly the period of time she was away from us and then turn it back on as soon as James or I came into sight. Oh the joy. But I think the three of them had fun together, watching dvds lying in bed at night would have been the culmination of Harriet's loves - awake in bed, a movie, NanaGrandpa and a caravan. Tres cool!

James picked up this bench for me from outside the train station a few weeks ago. I am planning on using it for a photo shoot and Harriet actually asked to have her photo taken on it. Will wonders ever cease?

Harry has been on a birthday party bender this last month. Well, two parties anyway, but that's enough! One of them was an 'under the sea' themed party. Harry won best dressed with her outfit as a scuba diver - but Teddy had a go at it as well, much to his own amusement as you can see. He didn't like having the aluminium covered drink bottles on his back though, so he just looks like a snorkeller on dry land. See that car he's holding? That is his first ever new plastic toy bought by us. Scandalous! But he just loved that thing so much in the toy shop I couldn't really bring myself to ask him to leave it behind. As is a child's norm however, he has barely played with it since it has been at home. Of course. Oh well, live and learn!

Have I mentioned Harriet's love of her yoga class on here before? She really, really, REALLY loves her children's yoga. We go after school on Mondays and even when she is beyond exhausted, she always insists on going along. David, the instructor, is so great with the children, striking that balance between controlling the group and being a friend to the children. So gorgeous.

Teddy is seriously musical. Oh my goodness. He just spends all his time either asking for music, playing music or dancing to music. He can pick instruments in any given song and has a distinct preference for a friend's song that he wrote for his partner. When I get a chance to work out how to upload it I will - it's a great song BUT after hearing it on (literally) constant rotation...well...let's just say I try to redirect Ted's attention when he starts asking for it.

But here are a couple of Ted links to tide you over. Marvel at his cuteness. I do, on a regular basis.

And now that I have broken my mental block at blogging again, I will write more often. I've also been busy working on my photography blogsite which is still not finished but I'd love you to go over there, check it out and leave a comment. Go on!


Anonymous said...

THANK GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xx Lis

Anonymous said...

And the Qwerty blog is gorgeous !! I'm going home to make cookies xx

Lou said...

Yeah! spytheharriet is back!!! Ted is too cute. You remind me that I must get out our video camera more often. Hmmm....if I can just figure out how to upload all the footage on it to clear the full memory card.