Thursday, August 05, 2010

Not Much Going On

But I'll tell you what is definitely NOT going on. And that. my friend, is sleep. This photo of Teddy was taken in pitch black - in fact it was so dark I had to completely guess the focus. But I'd like to point out that the photo was taken during the day. You can tell because Ted's sleeping. Usually the hours after dark are Ted's prescribed 'party time'. *sigh*

Harriet has never been particularly artistic - knocked on the head by my own special brand of artistic ability I fear - but she has lately taken to drawing the odd tableau which isn't purely of a mother with a child (who may be in or out of the uterus these days). Here you can see an older girl (16 years old - Harry is OBSESSED with ages at the moment and must give everything/everyone an age in her games, as well as write their ages when appropriate) taking three cats for a walk, along with some butterflies in the sky and stars (so I guess it's an evening stroll). I love seeing these new windows into her mind. Of course it's a scary place in there, full of dictatorial authority figures, children with dead parents and animals constantly dying and/or in need of urgent veterinary attention. I also realised that her favourite fictional characters are all orphans - Anne of Green Gables, the Von Trapp children, Pippi Longstocking - thank goodness for the traditional splendour of Milly Molly Mandy to even out the maternal deaths Harriet is otherwise accustomed to. So I guess it's no surprise that all of her play involves at least one point where she says, "And the dad can't come because he's dead. He died in a car accident and left the mother all alone. So the children all go to after care because the mother has to work late all the time" or something similar.

But I *loved* this little production - a dot-to-dot of a giraffe. What on earth possessed her? And how cool is it?

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Lou said...

Ha! I posted a sleeping photo of my babe yesterday too!!

Harriet's dot to dot giraffe is very cool. I love this wonky 4 yr old drawing stage, such an insight into their minds. Her comment about the after care father-less kids - what a crack up!