Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Harriet!

Five years old. Such an amazing time. Such an amazing person.

I'm not one much for writing when required. I much prefer to write when inspiration strikes, when my emotional response is genuine and spontaneous. So Harriet's little write-up will have to wait for another time. And besides, I'm a little tired from working late last night to make thirty mini cupcakes for school.

But she is a person who infuriates me and inspires me by turn. She is amazing and each day now is punctuated by turns of phrase that leave me smiling.

On hearing that a friend couldn't attend her party this Sunday because it was her father's birthday in Canberra, Harriet indignantly cried:
"It's all his placenta's fault! That placenta should have held him in for longer and then she could go to his party next week."

Or this afternoon when talking about how they had a chance to make butter at school:

"We had partners. I'm not sure why but gee it was a good idea."

Or about making chef hats at school:

"Everyone else made Masterchef hats but mine is just a chef's hat".

But I just know that five is going to be a great year. The other night she was up at about 10pm (*sigh*, don't ask. She ended up staying awake until 11.30 playing hysterically active games with Ted who was also awake until 1am) but she started out reading books to herself on the lounge. At one point she said:

"Mama, I just have to read this out to you, listen, it's hilarious"

She then read out a whole list of points from this Richard Scarry book, including words like dungeon and armour (but she needed some assistance with drawbridge and squeak). Not only did she read them out, but she read them out with expression and it was genuinely interesting to hear. Oh yes, I have a feeling this is going to be FUN!

It's her party on Sunday. No doubt there will be one or two photos to be seen. Stay tuned.


Sif said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Harriet!!! Can't believe it's been five years already!

Narelle said...

awww Happy Birthday beautiful Harriet! How awesome five is going to be.

And I loved the Masterchef comment, did children (and adults) not enjoy cooking before the TV told them so??

Lou said...

Happy happy birthday gorgeous Harry! Can't wait to help you celebrate on Sunday. Xx

Fi said...

Happy birthday to Harry! She looks so grown up in that b&w shot!

Sazz said...

Oh I laughed so hard at that placenta comment, what pure gold! You make me look forward to my own baby growing up :)

Happy birthday Ms Harriet and blessings on your 5th birthing anniversary, C :)