Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

So lucky me - I'm a mother! So that means I get to have a day being showered with the love of my family enforced by the good people in charge of guilt trips at Hallmark Inc. Of course the real irony of Mother's Day is that it is best spent being shown how much you love your mother by getting them as far away from doing maternal duties as possible. Hmmm... To this end I had my mother's day 'freedom' on the Saturday when James took them both out to buy my presents. I went for a leisurely breakfast, browsed in a bookstore and then serendipitously received a phonecall from Lisa asking if I was free to catch up. Perfect! What luxury.

Anyway for me my Mother's Day was awesome! I woke up and was literally dragged down into the playroom by Harriet who was SO excited at the prospect of giving me the presents she'd been out buying the day before that I was only allowed a toilet break under an appeal in distress. And when I returned I was greeted with presents of organic T2 chai (and oh my god how delicious that was! Seriously, the best chai ever), two long sleeve tops (because I have none and was looking at a winter spent shivering), two hoodies (because my current one and only has holes in it and is looking slightly less than beautiful as a result of being worn nearly every cool day for the last two years), another pair of funky, deliciously snuggly and comfortable Peter Alexander pyjamas and various beautiful pictures drawn by Harriet. We were going to meet up with others but got waylaid by geography, so considering we were already contemplating a bit of a drive, decided to head out to Wisemans Ferry.

It was a gorgeous afternoon for it. Despite having a very cranky Harry in the morning (resulting from a late night the night before) after a little kip in the car on the way there she woke up chipper and delightful. We all went on the ferry and back, ate a picnic lunch and, best of all , went paddling in the river.

In fact Ted loved his paddling experience more than one might have expected. He powered through up to his chest, completely clothed, and went into ecstatic big grins as he splashed around in the river. The water was surprisingly not icy cold and we all had a great time feeling the river sand squish between our toes and reveling in the unseasonably warm afternoon sun.

We headed home after having done...well, not very much at all. A day spent in the house, in the car, and in the river. Morning chill, afternoon sun and evening take-away. And let's face it - the chance to take photos was just the icing on the cake. A really wonderful day. I hope it found all of you similarly spoilt and enjoying the love of your family.


Lou said...

Wow, what a lovely day. Me thinks I need to get me some river time soon...

Anonymous said...

o my that Ted walking ...ALONE in that photo !!!!!
I loved catching up with you- HOW MUCH DID we TALK !!!! I did not recognise you running up the street childlessly ;-) It was a wonderful morning because I also got to see Harriet & Teddy !! oops & Jimbo of cause xx