Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cute Stuff

It's been a really crazy weekend. I spent about 6hrs away from the family on Saturday shooting a commercial job and although Teddy was fine with James and Harriet when he saw me he burst into tears and clung to me like a limpet. Way to make a girl emotional! So we walked up to Max Brenner afterwards and all indulged in some milk - Ted from me and the rest of us from Max.

The next morning Teddy and Harriet were sitting in the playroom reading together- how cute is that? Funnily enough whilst trying to prise Harriet's mouth open for her teeth to be brushed, Teddy was sitting right next to her, holding up his toothbrush to me, with his mouth wide open. He was desperate for me to brush his teeth. And so I did. And then he brushed mine too. He even let me brush the teeny tiny dreadlocks that had formed at the back of his hair (read: bottlebrush fluff).

Thinking that the top he's wearing is cute? Well, it is! I found this awesome fabric cube at an op shop with each face having a Dick Bruna illustration with from 1-6 little figures on it. So in honour of his first year Teddy got number one.

It's funny how, as soon as you talk about a problem with your child or become conscious of a potential issue, it suddenly starts to right itself. We have been a little concerned about Harriet's ability to start talking to people that she already knows. She has been finding it tricky to say hello or start conversations, often resorting to a baby babble as a joke, or ignoring the person who was saying hello completely. I found a great place that offers play based workshops for children who have just this issue and then...of course, she has started being fine! Just yesterday we were out at a party and she was making friends with all sorts of new girls and even running around and being physically adventurous. *shock* *horror*

But hands down the cutest thing about yesterday was Ted. Check this out. He FELL ASLEEP in the swing. Oh my god. He just kills me with cuteness.

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Anonymous said...

I love the photos' Cas they are brilliant ! Ted & Harry reading is priceless and Ted in the swing oooooooooooooooooooooohhhh he's gorgeous ! Glad to hear Harry is "normal" again ;-)
xx Lis