Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two in One Again

Yesterday (yep, I am a naughty, naughty PADer and missed a day) was a really big day. On Fridays Harry, Ted and I go to a meet for all the women in my area for a forum I'm on. It was a birthday this week and the birthday girl requested everyone to dress in purple. Unfortunately I didn't have any purple clothes (must rectify that asap) but Harry was able to dress head to toe in purple (including underwear) whilst Ted wore a bright purple nappy. It was really humid and so uncomfortable. But joy of joys, the cake was gluten free, hooray! So Harriet (and I) could have some cake each.

We then left to go and pick up the fruit and veg box from the organic co-op we're in. And once we had that it was a quick drive back home where we picked up the swimming bags, dropped off the boxes and headed off to the pool to meet Jimbo.

Teddy really truly LURVES to swim. He gets all excited, does his little doggy paddle approximation, jumps into the pool after a 1,2,3 and gets quite morose when it looks as though we might be leaving. By the time we were leaving though everyone, including the Harryfish, was ready to collapse. But the need for food could not be denied.

You know that awful period where it's so late that the children could easily drop off to sleep but they still need food? And if you go home to make food it will take too long. If you go out to have dinner they'll be too all-over-the-place-tired. If you order take away they'll be screaming in the car. Which is the least stressful of a stressful list?

We opted for eating dinner out on the way home. We stopped off for Thai in Newtown and, as you can see, Harry was barely capable of keeping her head upright - and this was before the meal even came out.

By the time we got home I realised I was running a fever and shivering under a blanket with socks on while James sat next to me in short sleeves and shorts. So that's the reason for no PAD yesterday. C'mon, it's a *good* reason!
16th of January

She seems so serene, so sweet, threading a necklace for me in the afternoon light of the playroom. Well let me tell you - photos DECEIVE!

Less than two minutes after this photo was taken, Harriet went on a screaming and wailing frenzy. James deigned to move some toys from the dining room into the playroom when we were about to have dinner and she just *lost* it. Throwing things around, screaming at the top of her lungs, and in short going completely out of control.

She was like this the other day when a friend came over and he raced in and touched her LP. It's almost as though since she's had the playroom to herself and we don't have to clean up her games since the big reshuffle of the house, she can't handle anything disrupting her games at any time, it really unnerves her.

She's also been quite reserved with friends that she normally plays happily with and not being as interactive with other children as usual. She's fine with adults but seems to have a problem relating to and playing with children. *sigh* Not looking forward to starting Transition in a couple of weeks. I'm going to have to find a quiet space to have a chat to her about what she's thinking - sometimes that head of hers can do a little too much thinking.

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JennieMo said...

Hey have your handsful! I think I was falling asleep at the table like that last week...with the jet lag...poor kiddos! I sent an recipe for a gluten free cake/pudding on you facebook messages. It is yummo..and a bit different. Again....I found combining different flours...really makes gluten free eating delicious. Though I do not really follow gluten free now...I whipped up some yummy desserts..that I still make. LOL!! Since I may never get to finish my last four experiments in my PhD....we should have a play date with Norm. He has turned into an eating he his much fun to watch. LOL!! Miss you guys!