Tuesday, January 05, 2010

End of the Holidays

Today was the end of holidays with Papa Jimbo. Boo hoo! It has been so wonderful having him at home. Life is a serious amount easier when there are two parents at home all the time - for example I didn't have to adhere to my 'make dinner by 10am' rule, and didn't have to juggle 'play with Harriet, make dinner, hang out washing, tidy up' in the 30mins of Ted's morning sleep. Most days felt like...well...a holiday!

We went to a friend's house today and since that was all inside a dark house there were no photo opportunities. When we got home Harriet refused to go outside where the beautiful sunshine just started to stream out from the clouds. Instead she insisted on me taking a photo of her sprawled all over the lounge with her vampire teeth.

On the way home in the car she said to me, "When I'm older I'm going to take a plane to South America". "Oh wow, that sounds like great fun, you'll have to tell me all about it", I replied. "No, you'll have to come with me remember Mama? When I grow up you're going to live next door to me and help Teddy and me look after the three children (her life plan is apparently to grow up, go to university to be a vet then have three children and Ted will be the father)". "Will we both fly over together?". "Oh yes, I'd love to talk to you on the plane".

So no lovely sunshine-y photo, but a lovely sunshine-y moment. xxx

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