Sunday, January 03, 2010

All About Me

See, this looks like a photo of Ted and sure, it is. But in another way it's a photo all about me. See, just over a year ago for one thing there is no way I thought there would be a subject to this photo. DH was all set for his snip, we were sorting out what baby stuff went to whom, and settling down for the long haul in our two bedroom house.

Then along came Ted. Hmm....big surprise.

After we sold our house in Perth and Harriet was about ten months old, James came home one evening with a box. For me. And inside was a camera. I'd been coveting a DSLR for a while, without much information about them except that I didn't use my Canon film SLR any more. He bought me a 350D and that started my journey towards Photoshop, extended computer time in the evenings, Flickr, and eventually the idea of making some money from it.

See that chair Teddy's sitting on? That was one of the first ever props I bought specifically with the purpose of using it as a business item.

If there's one thing I have never thought of myself as, it's a crafty person. My mother never owned a sewing machine, knew how to knit, or even cooked a lot. Until about 18mths ago the idea of using a sewing machine was about as foreign to me as voting Liberal. But James (and Harriet) bought me a sewing machne for Mother's Day and very, very slowly over the past year particularly, I have been teaching myself how to sew a few little items and getting more confident.

See that top he's wearing? I appliqued that today while he was having a sleep. It's only the second thing I've ever appliqued and it's not too bad considering.

So yeah, this photo is all about me. Turns out I'm crafty (in the fabric sense!), maternal (I never held a baby before Harriet and never wanted to), and into photography (well, that's always been the case). If you had told me even five years ago that I would be here, now, with these skills and this family I wouldn't have believed you. But wow, I'm here and it is SO cool.

In some child-related news, today Ted decided to not only do his poos on the potty, now he's progressed to walking outside the back door, standing with his legs wide apart, doing a big wee, then turning (with a huge smile on his face) back inside. The world is his toilet. And hopefully this decreases the washing pile. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Ted is soooo cute & I hope he is back to his happy self after the scary people incident ?
Can't wait to see him in his shorts !!
x Lis

Jen said...

Well done Cass :) . I can really relate to your post, there are soo many things i am doing now that I never would have imagined partaking in before children (sewing being one :) ) . Lovely shirt and even lovelier Ted :D

JennieMo said...

LOL!! put your mind to can do anything! LOL!

Peeing is totally a boy thing. Get used to it..I was raised with 5. And any excuse to whip it out and pee on a tree or bush they will.

If you ever need any sewing tips, tricks or help...just call. I have been sewing since I could walk. Your applique looks fabulous! Well is tough on knits too.

We need a play date with Harry and Norm...and eyeballs and hearts. :P