Sunday, December 27, 2009

A snap afternoon decision to go to the beach turned out to be an awesome day. Harriet was completely normal at home, but on the way there satrted to go *loop*. I mean really manic and weird and totally freaking hilarious. I was cracking up laughing at all of her songs and general madness. Poor Ted had been hoping for a sleep in the car but the ear-cracking volume of Harriet's enthusiasm made that a little tricky.

When we got to the beach she started off completely clothed but after each activity stripped off one item. So we started with building sandcastles. After that she stripped off her skirt and ran in and out of the tide. Then she stripped off her top and had James running in and out with her, and got twirled around in the air. Then she stripped off her undies and went MENTAL. I mean squealing with laughter, running in adn out of the water, drawing our 'footsteps' which were outlines of our feet in the sand where we had to stand and finally she had to be made physically immobile with Jimbo submerging her body beneath mounds of sand.

Whilst under all the sand she asked us "What is a heart attack?". My daughter, queen of the segue.

Once we got home we had dinner and then a surprise visit from her godmother and her partner which sent Harry into a tailspin of excitement again. So it was a bedtime of 9pm and one exhausted girl.

God I love her. Have I mentioned that before? She is CRAZY and I love her.

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