Monday, December 28, 2009

One for Ted

I know I've only had Harriet photos so far for my PAD, but to be honest she does way more interesting stuff than Teddy does, which makes for interesting photos. But Ted's photos are nearly always like this - smiling. Sweet. Adorable. Fat. Gorgeous. But not necessarily interesting if you're not his Mama.

Some little known facts about Teddy:
*When going to sleep he has a habit of rubbing the back of his left hand vigorously in a line from his eyebrow to his eye
*He knows when he's tired and asks to go to sleep
*He uses the potty 99% of the time for poo and is most reluctant when he has to do it in his nappy
*His first word was Mama but I only made it in there by a day, because his next word was Harriet and that still remains his most often used word
*He hates sitting down and insists on walking (with support) everywhere
*Still hasn't rolled all the way over (I suspect that belly gets in the way!) and never crawled
*He will do raspberries with force and passion for a minute at a time
*When he's happy he does this funny sound at the back of his throat that sounds like a cross between a birdcall and a snake hiss that sounds a bit like "Keeeee"
*He wakes up next to me all smiles and grins
*During the night he rolls on to his side and goes to sleep off the breast. This is like a miracle after Harriet.
*He loves his sister. A LOT. But he is also terrified of her. Understandably, she can love like an army of love - with forceful destruction.
*He is just starting to grow little curls at the back of his head.
*He got his eight teeth really quickly and hasn't had anything else erupt for a while.
*When he's in the Ergo he will only feed from my left breast. Yesterday at the beach he is all sunkissed...on the right side of his face only (the left side was all snuggled in to my chest).
*He loves singing and music. His favourite instrument is the guitar and he will sit there grinning and laughing while I strum (badly) and sing (poorly) - he's great for hte ego.
*He's mine and he's not yours - MWAHAHAHA!!!!!
*I feel a little bad for not wanting a boy because he is so damn gorgeous.

ps - this photo is oof but I only got the chance to take about ten photos today, most of them of Harriet performing, so this will just have to do. And it does, because he is so awesome.


Jen said...

nothing oof about those photos. He is totally devine Cass :) . Am I remembering rightly that Harry also did the wanting to walk everywhere holding hands with no interest in crawling? or is my antibiotics-adled brain making that up? :)

casso said...

Jen you're right, harry insisted on us walking with her everywhere, even when she was only barely touching with fingertips. Drove us crazy! :o) Amazing how much more patient we are with Ted because we know about how long these things will last for. He's already pushing our hands away and trying to step on his own though - despite being nowhere NEAR able to do it solo. So cute.

Will try to get a chance to do your write up too - we've just had a huge few days here (will write about it when I can).