Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo A Day Again

Well I'm doing the daily photo gig again and although the last couple of years I have done it during the month of January, I'm going to start it now this year so that it approximates the school holiday period (although I missed the first week). Since I have been so remiss with the blog I'll let the PAD Challenge help me get back into blogging and let you have a glimpse into our lives. I've been so flat out in the last two months doing photography work that it will be fun to just do family shots.

I'll post the last few days below:

Today I had an awesome op shop find. Ted and I woke up at 6am and since Harry and DH were still asleep I decided to go and purchase a present with a gift voucher my stepsister had sent for the children.

Go and purchase the presents (paddling pool with goo, LP boat for Ted and weird colouring thingy for Harry) and then stop off on the way home at the op shop. Walked in and there, under the scarves, was this *huge* metal Tonka dump truck! Obviously a small child had been playing with it the day before and parked it in a pretty special place. And when I looked at the price tag I nearly had a fit...just $8!! I grabbed that truck so quickly you would have thought I was wrestling off tigers and brought it home.

This thing is so indestructible it can survive a nuclear winter. It fits Harry in the back as well as Teddy. It steers better than any stroller I have ever pushed (admittedly that is a very narrow range of strollers) and was an immediate hit with *everyone* in the house. That's $8 well spent I think.
Shame it's not Easter. Harriet found this piece of dead buffalo runner and made it into a crown. Made me laugh and laugh!

Very quiet day today, although Harriet's completely insane and manic intensity would lead you to believe that she's taken some hard drugs in the last 24hrs. We also bought her a bubble gun after going to the markets today and she went running around like a crazy lunatic in the backyard blowing bubbles whilst naked.

James was flying out to Melbourne this morning and since he sleeps with Harry I was worried about how she'd wake up. If he isn't in there when she wakes then she usually screams out for him and refuses to have me get her. But there were only a few tears and in the 2hrs between me waking and Harry waking I managed to do three loads of washing, have breakfast, sweep the floors, reply to emails...*phew* Very productive! Oh and play with the Ted-Ted of course.

We just hung around the house today, being silly, playing games with the farm animal figures and the standard filling tubs with water for outdoor bathing. The bonus for today was that we had a jar of cherries that we bought at our local organic co-op the other day and Harry had temporarily forgotten about them. The ecstasy when she realised they were there was barely contained.

In fact in a true measure of how excited she was she whipped off her new Wizard of Oz t-shirt in preparation for a feast that knows no bounds. She may be excited but she's always sensible.

It was a deliberately quiet day at home today, because in the afternoon we were heading to our friend's house for a Christmas party. Harry spent the day playing tea parties and another big day for her Little People. Ted kept on grabbing a person and plonking it in the middle of the play space - he wanted to play with her! It was so gorgeous! So Harry endured the ted version of playing for a while and it was very cute as she 'spoke' for his person. That didn't work for too long though and I brought out the LP car for him to use. It was great, he was involved with the play and Harry enjoyed it too. Sibling win!

During the day Harry ate just under a kilo of apricots and no I'm not exaggerating. That would involve her eating about 20 apricots in total. We made it to the party at almost exactly the time Ted wanted to go to sleep for the night. He stayed awake and walked all around the party and didn't even get grizzly. I mean, the boy is amazing!

Harry had such an awesome time. Her friend from preschool was there and all of my friends children from my AP mothers group as well. They played with squeals, running, madness and insanity for hours! Here they're all working together to move the boat (yes, the cardboard box) down the side of the house.

Just loved that late afternoon light.

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