Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Poor Harry. About three weeks ago we all decided to go gluten free. Probably just before Christmas wasn't really ideal timing, but nevertheless we started and Harry has been fine with it. Sure a few tears were shed when she realised that red bean buns were out of bounds, but otherwise no issue at all.

Then this afternoon our neighbour popped over. Each year she makes us these *incredible* biscuits from a German recipe that are absolutely to die for. And of course they have gluten in them. Harriet was, as you can see, very upset about it all. Considering that she was out until 10pm last night and woke up early this morning and we were out all day doing little errands I was amazed that this was the extent of her unsettledness.

So ironically the issue of gluten free has highlighted just how the new diet has helped her regulate her emotional ups and downs. She is so much more stable than she used to be just a week ago even. Yay!

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