Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Bit About Ted

Well Ted is not his usual self these past couple of days. He's been a bit grouchy and to be honest I'm not quite sure what to do about it. It's just not something he's expressed before and I therefore am a little hesitant about how to help him out.

This morning it was easy enough to work out why he was a little unsettled - it was poo time! He gives quite a disgruntled cry and starts waving his arm around to let us know he needs to go. The other day we bought him a potty with a high back so he can sit on it unaided. I hadn't tried it yet becuase he likes to feed while doing his toilet business (what joy that is for me), but the other morning he needed to go while I was in the shower. james popped him on the new potty and *voila*. Action! Excellent! So now he does his morning ablutions on the potty. But let me just say that cleaning a breastfeeding poo out of a potty isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's pretty darn tricky actually. But for those of you who aren't the parents of small children probably don't really need a long, detailed description of baby toileting so on to the next little Ted Tale.

I found this wig at our local op-shop quite a while ago. Harry loves it in order to transform herself into Anne of Green Gables (you know, the red plaits and all). This morning it was our belated Father's Day and despite not having a special day of activities planned (we had way too many things to do today), I did have a mini-treasure hunt organised. James got his present and Harriet got a book she already owned wrapped up again (she loves anything wrapped up and pretends that she has never seen it before and oohs and aahh over it).

Harriet re-discovered her wig when scurrying under the bed for one of James' presents and after wearing it herself for a little while, as all big sisters will be wont to do, she wondered whether it would look any good on her younger brother. And of course head circumference is of no concern in this family - even our 7mth old baby can hold his head up high in an adult wig.

And I know the scpetics amongst you may not believe us, but Ted is really working hard at being understood verbally. He even says this version of yes that is noticeably an affirmative - kind of sounding a bit like YEERRRAAHHH. Volume control is not a strong point and god help me but he doesn't get much role modelling for that around here.

He's been a bit grumbly going down to sleep at night as well which is unusual. I'm thinking it's mainly due to a tooth coming through or a developmental spurt. At any rate I guess he'll be like this now for a month or so, and then we might see our gorgeous chilled out blissbomb Ted make a re-appearance. But no matter what, he is just so deliciously sweet even when under the weather. I love him.


kate said...

Potty tip- line it with toilet paper first!

JennieMo said...

That shot of ted on his potty is priceless. Love it. And so GQ in his little red hat! ;) He's gonna be a heart breaker.