Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pomerantz Eat Your Heart Out

Today Harriet informed me, out of the blue, about the main difference between Spirited Away and Labyrinth.

"The big difference between Labyrinth and Spirited Away is that Sarah really wants to go and find Toby. She wants to go into the Labyrinth world. But Sen doesn't choose to go in the magic land. She doesn't want her parents to go away from her. But they both still go through adventures to find each of them in a new world"

Now that seems pretty cool, to focus on the internal motivations of the protagonist as the main difference between two films, rather than their plot points. Although another motif she brought up tonight during dinner conversation was that her favourite films all have girls falling down holes in them - Anne of Green Gables, Labyrinth, Spirited Away and Alice in Wonderland (book only, she hasn't seen the movie).

Yet another example of how that mind is ticking over when you think she's just innocently playing boats and wild seas on her brother's activity mat.

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