Thursday, July 30, 2009

Offline Sucks

Well literally the day after I vowed to be on here more, my computer gave a little whimper, a big sigh and quietly laid down to die. I was offline for about a week and in this day and age it meant I may as well have died. Not only that, but we don't have television, I only really listen to the ABC radio news in the shower and we stopped our SMH delivery last year. So - vaccuum city for me. Twas quite refreshing in a way, but I was also quite happy when James offered to rebuild my computer and swap them around. So a couple of weeks later I got a chance to finally sit down here and look at the blog again.

The school holidays zoomed by. I was a little conscious of trying to fill Harriet's days with exciting things that go zoom and bop, but we ended up having the most fun just hanging out being silly, playing dolls, tea parties every other day and me being audience to any number of 'shows' she put on. Most of these involved her twirling, singing and a hybrid clumsy gymnastic movement Harriet calls 'acrobatics'. Also since we've been receiving fruit & veg deliveries we've been getting big cardboard boxes regularly appearing in cameos such as 'train' or 'boat' in these shows. Thank god for the cork floors.

There's an indefinable maturity to her of late. Disappointments are met with understanding rather than hysteria (although brushing her teeth is always, ALWAYS problematic). She is helpful and thoughtful (although she will continue to stand perfectly in a doorway as you need to move through it). She dotes on her brother with gusto and enthusiasm (but definitely too much of both - poor child has a reflex of holding up a protective arm when she comes in for the love).

As for Teddy, well he is gorgeous. He signs for poo so we can arrange it to be out of a nappy about 90% of the time. He nods!!! Seriously! He nods in response to questions and it's actually pretty creepy to tell the truth. You just don't expect that sort of communication from a babe so young. Then today he was out all day with us at a friend of Harry's. He slept most of the day and then when we got home isisted on being put down on his mat. Then he started to try and roll. He could get all the way on his side and started to crack it. I asked him if he wanted to go all the way over, then gently turned him on to his belly. He immediately began smiling and cooing! Then tried to crawl!!!!

Of course he had no co-ordination and no idea on what to do, but this just all came out of the blue this afternoon, there's been no sign at all he wanted to roll before this. And considering Harrietr never rolled and only crawled a *tiny* amount and even that under duress, I was left feeling very unprepared for all of this action. After all he's only 3mths old corrected! Mind you he is...well...let's just say a little exercise won't do his figure any harm. He's one chubbalicious baby, weighing in at 9.3kgs today and I *think* about 67cms - but length was tricky due to one highly excitable, happy as larry tedted. He also gave me his first belly laugh in response to a song we were singing. Now I know I'm no singer but really, way to crush a girl's spirit!


JennieMo said...

I know the feeling...and not having a working Mobile is just as bad. LOL!! Ted is so adorable! A serious thinking have there! LOL!! Must catch up soon! Breaky/Brunch soon! I miss ya!

Sif said...

LOL, love the pics! Woah mama, Ted's growing!!! He's as long as Ari (who is, admittedly, rather short), and about 1.2kg heavier!

Ari is "sign-resistant", LOL. He has "up" down pat, but trying to get him to sign "meh (boob)" and he just laughs at me and then proceeds to suck my hand...

Sounds like Harry is loving having a little brother!

Anonymous said...

I was having withdrawals not being able to catch up on Ted & Harry at work ! He is getting huge !!! He is making Harry look smaller & smaller, but he is obviously as clever ;-) x Lis