Saturday, December 13, 2008

Late, Late Post

Yes, yes I know, again with the incommunicado issue. My new year's resolution (not that I do that stuff but here it goes) is to regularly update this blog!

It's just a quick one tonight - I've been up since 2.30am, it's now 5am and I really should at least try to sleep. Insomnia is a killer! But thought I'd share this list of food that James sms-ed me while I was in Canberra for the weekend recently. Apparently in one day Harriet ate:
2 apples, a peach, a mango, a bowl of edamame, 3 inari, a piece of toast, a salad, a plate of avocado sushi, a bowl of brown rice, a baby squirter thing (pureed vegetables in a pouch), a fruit strap, a bag of pickled ginger, a bottle of mineral water, a nudie, two handfuls of cheese, a hardboiled egg, another bowl of rice and another bowl of salad.

And give her the chance to eat some stone fruit and she is off and racing. A HUGE proportion of our food bill at the moment is being spent on her eating fruit! And in a true indication of how children regulate their own appetites so well, she has steadfastly stayed at just on or under 18kgs throughout all of this massive food fest. Just this afternoon I was thinking how you could see her ribs so clearly - of course she was eating at the time!

In other news I am now officially huge - Snippy was kind enough to let me stay in my normal shirts until about 20wks, but now at 22wks there is no way I can get away with that . In fact there are times when I can feel my muscles stretching and my belly growing over an hour period. It's really weird and definitely not like anything I had with Harriet. Oh and yes, we do know the gender but no, you're not going to know. We're still using the masculine pronouns now just out of habit and because Harriet has been using them as well so she's used to it now. The not-knowing is driving Mike and Nadia crazy! And there's no turning to Harry either because she doesn't know.

It's soon going to be our time away up the coast, which we're all excited about. Here we are all modelling our early Christmas presents to each other. What a handsome family, don't you think? Harry *loves* it when we use the timer on the camera, but we could only manage one shot with all of us ensnorkelled (like that word?). So this is what we're stuck with. Pretty cute though if I do say so myself.


loz said...

Haha love the ensnorkeled picture.. The 'joys' of pregnancy huh, I'dlike to think I can fit into my regular tops but no such luck pants maybe on a good day..

narelle said...

very cute indeed! I hope you have a lovely holiday at the beach, a great time in your pregnancy I would imagine to get away.

and even cuter I have to say is Harriet and her tool kit. She is so much like Greta who loves to fix things with her "fixing kit".

Sif said...

LOL, well, as established some time last year, Harry is unusually tall for her age too, so all in proportion!!! I'm imagining she's about the same size Luey was when he was 5.5-6, LOL (he was kind of small for his age), because she's his weight at that age :D...

Seeing as you don't do NY resolutions, can we expect you to follow through on that one? I certainly hope so! BTW, I know what you're having - I looked in my crystal ball...

(the password I have to enter is "groid" - sounds like a real word, but not...)

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for an update ! Work is not the same with out a Harry update Cas. Hope we get to see you guys over festivus ?? xx

Grandpa said...

Grandpa is indeed happy with Hazza's toolskills. Way to go.
I am totally cool not knowing the sex of Snippy. NOT!!! Argh!

JennieMo said...

No fare! We knew Harry was Harry from the neural tube fold! Why ya holding out? LOL!!

You guys look fantastic in your snorkles! LOL! Have a Merry Festivus on the Coast!