Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Festivus!

So it's Christmas Eve and I thought I'd write a little note to say thank you for reading this little blog over the past year or so. I am doing the 'Photo-A-Day' challenge in January (much to Jimbo's dismay) so I'll also try to write up a blog post more often as well.

Harry has spent the past week refining her writing - she loves to write and has progressed from writing just her name to lots of different words in just over a week. She hasn't got a particularly 'fine' hand to put it mildly. Some letters start a centimetre high but by the end of
the word they're filling the A4 sheet, which is pretty cute! We can't spell words out in front of her either because she is way too clued in on the whole letter/word/sound thing, tricky little monkey. Her latest developmental surprise to us was when we were playing 'the quiz', a weekend favourite in our house. The Good Weekend supplement in the Saturday paper has a little 10-question quiz in it that James and I love to ask each other. Now that Harry is in the family we're relieved to see the love of trivia continue - she LOVES the quiz and we alternate 'child' questions with 'adult' questions. An example of a child question would be 'How many children are there in TSOM?'. But on this Saturday, James asked Harry "If you had five pieces of pizza and you ate two of them, how many slices would be left?". Without even hesitating, Harry calmly announced "Three" in between bites of her lunch. Blow me down! Is there like an invisible line that they cross for when they can suddenly do this sort of thing? Because it sure feels as though if we'd asked her that question only a week ago she would have had to use her fingers to work it out.

Tomorrow for Festivus we have surveyed her present stash and realised that she quite honestly has about 90% books. I'm putting in a bet that the abridged Anne of Green Gables picture book will be the big hit. James thinks it will be the soccer ball. He picked it last year with the Lily May book, so he may well have got it pegged for this December as well.

It's been a HUGE couple of days for Harriet, because on the 23rd we took her out for lunch, without quite telling her the whole story, ie: that Nana and Grandpa would be there as well. To say she was ecstatic would be a huge understatement! She insisted on sitting over near Nana, spent the whole time playing peekaboo with Grandpa and then ran the whole way down through the city to their hotel. Then today it was a full day out on the ferry with them while I did a bit of last minute run around shopping. The result? A very, very exhausted girl tonight who burst into hysterics when we discussed having a bath. Poor poppet could barely hold a conversation, so hopefully a big sleep will do her the world of good.

Well it's goodbye from us - will post some Festivus photos soon I promise!

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JennieMo said...

I am celebrating Christmas on call....and watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" favorite Christmas tradition....soon to be followed by Die Hard. You have to have your traditions I tell ya. Have a a merry Festivus and if you feel like a road trip to Camden...I am here strapped to the phone.

As for Harriet's new counting thing...have you ever noticed when kids are distracted by something....they reveal their super powers. LOL!! That whole scene with the slices of pizza makes me think of that.