Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is Not Harriet

Sure, it looks like Harriet and by hell I can tell you it sure SOUNDED like Harriet. But ask her and you'll soon find out that it is actually Liesl. And believe it or not, she's 16 going on 17. She has a boyfriend named Rolfe and he's 17 going on 18. Sometime (at any given time during the day) it will start to rain and she will feel compelled to start sprinting to the 'gazebo' (read: any designated space about ten metres away from where she's standing). Once there, the gazebo will require much spinning, twirling and jumping. Some call it dancing - actually Harry/Liesl may be the only one to call her robotic contortions 'dancing' but it's done with gusto that's for sure.

If you have no idea what I'm writing about then you either a.) are male or b.) do not know Harriet.

ps - I am starting to find it hard to block out 16 going on 17 from my mind as I'm going to sleep....HELP!


Spiralmumma said...

Oh dear! I think that might do my head in somewhat!(NOT a fan lol)

VERY cute though! And undoubtedly Harry's rendition is better than the original ;-)

JennieMo said...

HAHA!! I love Harriet! She is soo going to be in theatre! LOL!!

kate said...

I have more trouble with the Lonely Goatherd sticking in my head. Can you tell I have a 3.5 year old girl?