Thursday, October 23, 2008


The funny thing about Harriet is that even when you expect the unexpected, you're still surprised. This morning she called out for me and I went into her room, laid down in bed with her and got all snuggled up together. In that drowsy, hazy, half-asleep frame of mind, Harriet turns to me with her face all smooched into mine and asks me : "Mama, why do people believe in god?".


I mean, give a woman a chance to have a cup of coffee in the morning, before dealing with major existential, socially inquiring topics. Oh damn, that's right, I'm not having coffee any more. Bummer.

The weather has been crazy here in Sydney lately, just so freezing cold that we're breaking out the winter hats and coats and heaters. My main concern has been the tomato plants in the vegie patch - they are taller than me and some of their boughs are heavy with fruit so they get bowed down very easily in the wind. Anyone know where I can grab some 2metre-odd high stakes? Are tomato plants even supposed to grow this high?!

We had Jan over here yesterday from Perth and Harriet nearly had a heart attack when she woke up and saw Nana lying on her lounge! After about five minutes of shyness she was back in with gusto and by the time we went to the cafe for lunch she was already serenading the waiter there with some Sound of Music classics.

Not much to write about at the moment. Snippy is growing and I'm at that awkward stage of being between normal and maternity clothes. We have a girl's name all picked out but that amounts to little when we're both pretty sure that Snippy is a boy, so we need boy name suggestions! We're going to be buying a new (well, second hand) car soon to accommodate Snippy's arrival and Jimbo's height. Poor boy has a saggy patch on the ceiling where his head scrapes it inside the car and he has Harry's legs swinging into his left arm as he changes gears. Time to upgrade!


JennieMo said...

Is "snippy" going to be a Ryder??
HUM!! How about Malcolm...Tristan Ryder....god...that sound like a noble knight! LOL!! What girls names do you have picked?? Must catch up soon!

Sif said...

Well, I told Dave he's lucky Ari wasn't born three days later, because three days after he was born, I fell in love with the name Icarus...

Icarus Ryder - that's my vote...

You could cally him Cary for short...

Harry and Cary???

veri maz said...

Jim O mentioned you blogged. Am so glad i've discovered it :)

Look out world Harriet is a lil cracker!

Re boys names i've always had a soft spot for the Ewan/Owen/Rowan styles...

x Maz